The Knights Templar at Bristol, 1309-13

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The Templars' property at Temple Meads in Bristol, 1309–13

According to the custodian's account in the National Archives of the UK at Kew

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TNA: E 358/20 rot. 2 dorse.

Enrolled account from the accounts submitted by William Randolf,{1} custodian of the lands and holdings of the brothers of the Knights Templar in England in the town of Bristol; [presented by] of William Gylemyn attorney of the same William Randolf. Four tenants have not paid all the rent due and payments from the vicar's benefice are also outstanding: the enrolled account explains that the king set up an investigation to look into this, but does not explain that the non-payments were due to the rebellion by the people of Bristol against the king, 1312–13. The problems caused by the rebellion are clear in the detailed 'particulars of account' that William Randolf had submitted, which survive at TNA S 6/851/10.

A translation of each account is provided. Note-numbers are in curly brackets {}

Comp' Will[elm]i Randofi Custod' terr[arum] + ten' fr[atru]m Milicie Templi in Angl' in villa Bristoll' Will[elm]i Gylemyn attorn' eiusde[m] Will[elm]i Randalf sic[ut] cont[inetur] in me[moran]d[o] de anno iiij\o/ R[egni]

E[dwardi] fil' R[egis Edwardi] Huius t[er]mi[n]o s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is p[ro] eo de exit' ear[un]dem terr[arum] + ten' per bre[ve] R[egis] hui[us] de p[ri]vato sigillo patens dat' xxv\to/ die Octobr' anno t[er]cio. In quo cont[inetur] q[uo]d Rex co[m]misit p[re]d[ic]to Will[elm]o Randolfi' custod' o[mn]i[u]m

terr' + ten' \p[re]d[ic]tor[um] cu[m] p[er]tin[entibus] in man[um] R[egis] ibidem existenc' custodiens q[u]\a/mdiu Regi placu[er]it ita q[uo]d de exit' inde p[er]venient' resp[ond'] in Cam[er]a R[egis] et p[er] ordinac[i]o[n]em f[ac]tam per consiliu[m] d[ic]ti R[egis] Fil' anno p[ri]mo. In qua cont[inetur] q[uo]d de

exit' hui[us] Maner' que Rex E[dwardus] pater suus Cam[er]e sue reservavit ac de bon[is] + cat[allis] in eisde[m] Maner[io] e[x]istenc' eidem Regi respond' ad s[ca]cc\a/[riu]m sic[ut] cont[inetur] in Me[moran]d[o] de d[ic]to anno p[ri]mo R[egis] fil' int[er] Recorda de t[er]mi[n]o sancti Hill[arii]

videl[ice]t a festo s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is d[ic]to anno t[er]cio usq[ue] festu[m] s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is anno vij\o/ finiente + ab eode[m] festo s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is usq[ue] xxviij diem Novembr' p[ro]x[imum] seq[ue]n' quo die lib[eravit] p[re]d[ic]ta terr' + ten' fratribus Alb[er]to de Nigro Cast[r]\o/

p[re]ceptori domus Hospitalis s[anc]ti Joh[ann]is Jer[usa]l[e]m + Leonardo de Tybertis Priori Veneciar[um] p[ro]curator' gen[er]al' eiusdem hospital[is] \p[er] bre[ve] R[egis/ eidem Hospitali concessa + unita p[er] ordinac[i]o[n]enac[i]o[n]em{2} pape vid[elicet] de ann[o] t[er]cio q[u]\a/rto

quinto + sexto + quatuor dieb[us] p[ri]mi q[u]at[uo]rq[ue] anni vij.

Annus T[er]cius [Year three]

\Recept'// Idem r[eddit] [com]p' de vj li vj s ij d ob[ol'] de redd' ass' ibid[em] ad t[er]mi[n]os Pasche + s[anc]te Mich[ael]is p[ro] ann[o] + non plus quia iiij s v d de redd' unius mesuag' quod Petrus de Burdeux + Will[elmu]s de Wynchyndon'{3}

ibide[m] tenuerunt de t[er]r' Templar' ann[us] sup[r]\a/d[ic]tis nichil levavit seu levare potuit sicut comp[er]tu[m] fuit p[er] inquis[itionem] capta[m] cora[m] Hugone de Langelond assign' p[er] bre[ve] R[egis] patens, dat' xij die Febr'

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