Camera Freak

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Hello. I'm known as the lame photography girl, or "that emo kid".  But my real name is Axel(Axelle) Matthews. I get bullied day to day because I like "emo" bands and taking photos. I don't see why you bully people for taking photos, but that's them.

I'm a little depressing, i guess. I live with my father, since my mother abused me as a child. My father and I live together in a small house in Nebraska. Money is tight, but we don't need alot to enertain ourselves.

People call me a camera freak. Photography is a career and hobby for me.  People call me and ask me to take photos of they're familes, pets, houses, food, and etc. It helps me pay the bills with my father. If I'm lucky I get about $20 extra and buy myself some new clothes.

I would tell you about my bestfriend, but since I don't have one, I can't tell you anything.

Now I'll describe my physical appearence to you. I have black hair with lime greenish streaks. And my closet contains band tees and skinny jeans. Nothing special. Nothing colorful. Although I love the color yellow. And unicorns....But that's not the point. I wear red lipstick because it's a tribute to the Joker. I have a huge obsession over the Joker.

Most of the time at school I by myself. Only a few people are nice enough to say hello when they pass by.  Teachers hate me. I don't know why, probably because I'm different then others. Every now and then I wish I had some one to tell everything to. But nobody here is like me.... I can't relate to anybody. I'm close to my father but I just can't tell him everything.

I forgot to tell you that I'm bisexual. I had an online relationship with this girl from Denmark, but we had some problems so it didn't work out. My father knows about this but nobody else. I want to reveal it to everybody, but I'm going slow.

This is the story of my life. This will contain tears, smiles, laughs, blood, and dirt. 

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