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I sat with my Dad for a 15 minutes or so crying and telling him about what had happened, it was funny even though he was dead I still felt his presence with me. I bowed my head as tears fell down my cheek slightly stinging my cut I checked my watch seeing what time it was, I had 10minutes before school started so I kissed the tips of my fingers placing them gently on my the gravestone.

"I love you Dad" I whispered as I slowly walked away, a ray of sunlight fell on my face making feel warm inside just like I did when Dad hugged me. 

I arrived at school just before the bell rang and of course I got many funny looks due to all the cuts and bruising on my face, so I just held my head high and stuck to the story I thought of this morning. I noticed Roxy at our lockers and headed over to her,

"Lexii! Where have you been I been ringi--- oh my god what happened to you? Are you alright?" She grabbed either side of my arms looking at me deeply concerned; she pulled me into a hug making me wince a little. "Oh sorry did I hurt you there? Babe what happened?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine just a little sore Roxy. I got into a bit of fight last night with this drunken girl, everything's okay honestly" I smiled hoping she would buy the story.

"Well as long as you're okay that's the main thing! Come on then let's get to Biology my little fighter!" She winked at me as we both giggled.

We walked into Biology approached by questions and gasps from classmates I just rolled my eyes and walked to my seat next to Corinna who looked at me shocked. I explained the whole situation as she just laughed

"Trust you to get into something like that Lexii"

"I know right" I giggled back

"Right good morning class today we're going to do about the human bones and muscles" Chace walked in cheerily, that didn't last long thought he looked at me, taking a double take, I looked away trying not to draw attention to myself. 

"Ermm right, yes what I was saying... Oh yes now if you turn to page 32 in your books please and start reading down following the summary questions, I'd like to see how much you know already" He reluctantly looked away, I felt a desperate need for a hug off him.

The lesson dragged on with funny looks being given across the room and people whispering behind my back. I knew I looked a right state but seriously there was no need to stare, it wasn't like they had not seen anyone with cuts and bruises on there face before. All through the lesson Chace slipped me worried looks, I tried avoiding them knowing if I looked straight in his eyes I would cry.  The bell finally rung, everyone packed away getting out of class as quick as they could, them 2hours were the longest I had ever lived.

"Lex can I have a word please?" He looked at me with puppy eyes; I nodded before turning to Roxy.

"I'll catch up with you later okay; get the usual for us please." She smiled before heading off with Corinna. 

"That wasn't a fight you was involved with was it?" He sat on the edge of the desk as I sat in front of him. 

"Yeah I was, I went out last night after yours and... Ermm... there was this girl who was drunk and yeah I got into a fight with her." I smiled wincing a little bit at the pain. 

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