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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 10

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So apparently I’m not dead. But I came really close, thank goodness for modern medicine eh? However modern medicine is not helping with the horrible feeling in my stomach. I feel like I’ve been stabbed by a psychotic Asian girl and lost a couple quarts of blood. Oh wait, I that’s because I was.

Unfortunately the excruciating pain is not the worst part of this situation. See my dad took me to the hospital. And someone recognized me as Hailey, so they called my adopted father; who is now here, waiting for me to wake up. I wonder if anyone has faked a coma before because I’m thinking of trying.

My other option is to hope that Ray or Morpheus or anyone will come in here and get me out. However, I haven’t seen any of them, or rather heard any of them because I have kept my eyes firmly closed all this time.

“Why isn’t she waking up?” That’s my dad, George. What a perfectly average name.

A nurse answers him, “She should be awake soon, she’s stabilized and you can take her home soon.”

George doesn’t answer and I hear the nurse leave the room. My eyes are still firmly shut.

“Hailey.” I barely suppress a cringe at that name. I can’t believe I used to be her. I changed more than just my name and image that night though, my very being changed. That happens when you become a murdering monster- it changes you.

“I know that your mother and Seth’s deaths were hard on you.” Wow, understatement. I ran away for four years. “And it’s alright to mourn, but it’s so much easier when you’re with your family. We understand your grief.” His voice cracks, “Mum’s death hurt us too.”

I squeeze my eyelids together, trying to stop the tears that threaten to spill down my cheeks. All this pain, all this grief is my fault. I did this to them. I did this to myself.

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you can, I want you to know that I love you and that you’ll always have a place here.” If he knew the truth would he still want me back? It doesn’t matter though, I can’t return, never. That’s my punishment.

I hear the door open.

“Who are you?” I crack my eyes open to see a young woman, her honey blonde hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail.

“I’m just here to administer her pain killers.” She holds a syringe and smiles prettily. But something’s wrong. And then I see it, behind her ear, just visible from my vantage point, is a heart-shaped birthmark. It could just be a birthmark; but this is my life, and I am not a lucky person. My eyes snap open as she reaches me and I lash out at her, catching her by surprise. Then she lunges. I roll to the side, feeling my IV tear out with a sharp sting. She smiles at George.

“They react like this all the time, will you help me?” He nods, under her spell. I rush for the door, feeling her fingers hook onto my hospital gown, thankfully I have two, one to cover my front and one my back. I kick backwards and hear a grunt of pain. The door swing open and I’m in the hallway.


“There’s nothing here to see.” A clear voice rings out. No one looks at me.

I grab a passing doctor’s sleeve. “Doctor, she’s trying to kill me.” He doesn’t even pause.  I wrap an arm around my stomach, feeling stitches tear as I take off down the hallway. It hurts terribly. I skid around a corner, my bare feet slapping against the linoleum floor. And hit Ray.

“Ray!” He just keeps walking, his eyes not seeing me. I have no time so I dodge around him, searching for a hiding place. One glance behind me shows that I really have no options left, she’s almost to me. I shove a nurse into her way and knock over a cart full of supplies.

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