Returning Home Part 62

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4th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

With all the questions that this new information brings up, Reid and I decided to return home. Jack and Jen with Aunt Patrice of course had decided to come home with us even though they were invited to stay a little longer.

I don't have to mention anything about Bella. 

It looks like Joy's youngest son Matthew is her soulmate after he confirmed it. I thought it was one of the other sons. Joy laughed her head off when she had it confirmed. John of course just shook his head and took himself off out of the house somewhere muttering about history repeating itself sort of.

From what I gather, it had something to do with Joy setting her sights on John the first time she saw him despite him having a sixteen year old son. Who turned out to be Daniel who in turn set his sights on Jenelle when he first saw her after arriving in Australia. The fact that they were both members of that international organization called Mensa. 

But it was a little interesting watching how both Bella and Matt were now handling it.

From what we overheard Matt say, he was feeling a little disgruntled about the age difference. He was old enough to have fathered her, he was heard to complain. Of course, that caused all sorts of laughter to happen when it became known to everyone. Age was not an issue in this family it seems and seeing the age difference of both Joy with John and Jullianne with Robbie only confirmed it being a non issue.

Bella of course just sat back and laughed her head off.

" I am going back home and am going to grow up. When I have done that I will be back and you better damn well be ready Matthew Thoms or else." She snapped out to him with a glare before taking herself off with her walker towards the room she has been using with my aunt.  

I can only imagine that life is going to be exciting for her after this. Mainly because I know for a fact that Matt is not going to be staying behind while she leaves the county. I found that out once Reid finally gave in to us being soulmates when I was old enough. But if Matt still fights it, I would imagine it won't be long before he joins us at home in a while when the time comes for Bella to turn eighteen at least.

So after talking with Joy, Micah, Daniel and Reid, it was decided to get in touch with Dorn's company when we get back and talk about all the information along with questions with the investigators and see how we can help with that once we get there. Micah and Jill were also going to be joining us in that search. 

So the following day was spent with the family which was still here as well as May and her family and after getting copies of all the Bobby and Maggie films that were already developed, we packed that following evening ready for the trip back to town to the airport to fly home.

Barb of course was staying here with Jaxon a little longer. That was a no brainer since we all fully expected it to happen. But I knew she would we coming back in a month or so, with Jaxon in tow no doubt. I smiled when I thought of that happening. Barb will not be making it as smooth sailing as Jaxon thinks it will be. 

I hope I'm around when he notices that fact. 

Micah and Jill were going to head back after another week or so after they head on up to River Ridge which was Micah's home growing up. It was where the infamous Violet was resting with her Geoffrey in a lovely little garden of their own. We said we'd love to come and visit the place next time we come back to Australia and also get to see where this other couple 'sleep'. 

Anyway, we were getting ready. So by mid morning the next day, we were waving good bye to everyone after many hugs and kisses with everyone not missing out and promises to return in a few months.

Thirty six hours later, we were landing in Portland where we transferred to another chartered plane that would take us down to Boise. Then once we arrived, we drove up to Emmett before heading back to Horseshoe Bend where I live. I don't think I was every so grateful to find myself crashing in bed at Reid's house that first night as much as I did. 

It wasn't until I woke up that I found I had slept for over twenty four hours. I had still been fighting off the jet lag from the flight across to the other side of the world and having to fly back less than ten days later was so exhausting for me, and my body. 

My hips and legs were dragging a little after I got out of bed feeling so utterly exhausted both physically and mentally that it was decided that I use a chair until I was fit enough again to get about. Of course, Reid didn't mind that he got quite a few opportunities to pick me up and carry me around. But to be honest, I didn't care or mind that he did. 

Little Andy who bounced back more or less straight away thought it was all a game with me wheeling around in my chair or being carried about the place by his poppa that he wanted in on the action too.

So for a few days, if you saw me getting about with the chair, it was usually with Andy sitting on my lap squealing with glee. When he wasn't being carried around on me when Reid picked me up and walked about a few times. 

" I wuv yu Gamma." He whispered to me the last time I wheeled him causing me to smile at the boy who was falling asleep on my lap as I cradled him with my arms.

I had also been in touch with Brian and Jess to let them know we were back on stateside and would be out in a few days. Reid was getting ready to hand over the house to Jack and Jen and move himself out to my place. 

I had also been in touch with the centre to let them know I was back as well but would be unable to attend any clients until I have fully recovered. Sandra filled me in on how the two new centres were coming along that Duggan's Construction were handling. But only with a few hiccups that seemed to arise from something Angela has done to interfere with have been a little cause for concern.

I'll sort that out now that I am back.

If Angela causes any more problems, it wouldn't take much for me to release Duggan from his contract since one stipulation in the contract was to have no interference from any family member to cause a disruption of any kind. 

So I guess I was looking forward to running in with her just to give me an excuse to fire their company and to have Angela charged like I threatened the last time we saw her when she came into the diner with Carlson Duggan.

I found out the very next day when we were down at that same diner having lunch again. It was even better that she had some new friends with her as well as Mr Jackass Duggan who is about to find out how much it is going to cost him with having Angela on his arm and interfering in the business.

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