The Visitor is a 2007 American immigration film written and directed by Thomas McCarthy and produced by Michael London and Mary Jane Skalski. Executive producers were Jeff Skoll and Omar Amanat. The screenplay focuses on a lonely man in late middle age whose life changes when he is forced to face issues relating to identity, immigration, and cross-cultural communication in post-9/11 New York City.

For The Visitor, McCarthy won the 2008 Independent Spirit Award for Best Director,[3] while Richard Jenkins[4] was nominated for Best Actor in the 2008 Academy Awards.

just what i have said on the first chapter of FM 2 after my 5th chapter i will start dedicating each ud for those readers/followers who have done so much effort naming Gin and Alex's son, so this is something that i can do 

dedicated to weird_unii for the simple reason she flooded my inbox and my profile, and the ud with this weird suggestions :)


 Chele's Point of View

 Emporioum, Makati

Napakurap ako ng makita kung sino ang nasa loob ng store ko.  My heart leaped.  And it leaped everytime I see his devilish grin.

                "Hi pretty girl."

                Napamaang ako.  "What are you doing here?" nanlalaki ang mga matang sabi ko.  I didn't expect him at all.  I giggled when he rushed towards me and kissed me instead.  Hindi pa siya dapat uuwi ngayong week.  And I just talked to him the other night.

                We shared a lingering kiss.  Hindi na alintana ang mga empleyado na nasa paligid.  I blushed when he finally released me.  Kahit kailan napaka adik ng lalaking ito.  Basta na lamang manghahalik kahit nasa public place!  I guess this is one old habit that Fredrick never erase from his memory bank.

                His eyes hold devilment.  Napailing na lamang ako na natatawa. Same old Fredrick. Pervert.

"I missed you," he whispered.

 Umirap ako. "Matapos mo akong sigawan sa phone?" may halo ng inis na sabi ko.  Naalala ko tuloy na halos hindi ko siya kausapin afterwards.

                Napakamot ito sa batok.  He kissed me quickly.  "I was just worried with Alex, and you pretty girl is very naughty making up stories," naniningkit na ang mga mata nito.

                Umirap ako uli.  "Gin deserved that.  And you should have seen his face!  Daig pa niya namatayan," nakangisi kong sabi.  I touched his collar and smoothened it.  "Do you think Alex might still be in love with him?"

                He looks at me bago masuyong dinampian ng halik ang dulo ng ilong ko.  "Pretty girl, if she is then she wouldn't be going out with Lance," he said wryly.

                Natigilan ako.  My eyes fixed on him.  He sighed in mock annoyance.  

                "He is dating her ex again, well not so much of an ex," he commented as he guides me to my office.  I saw my staff giggled when Fredrick says hi.  Inirapan ko ito.  Natatawang itinaas lamang nito ang kamay.

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