Chapter 2: Mason

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Hi Everyone. I made some revision on Sophie's chapter to include Mason.

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Mason Taylor was bored. He felt that his brain is about to explode with all the multiplication table that their teacher is grilling to them. He wanted to go out and play basketball but he still has 3 subjects before their PE subject. He snickered when he heard Ms. Minette ask Sophie, the smartest girl in the class to go out and do her homework. Sophie glared at him and he just smirked.

"This is getting amusing." He thought as he watched Sophie get out of the classroom.

Who would have thought that the smartest girl in class did not finish her homework? He was still smiling when he realized that he also did not do his homework. He remembered playing basketball with his cousins until night time and his mother was so furious that he was dragged from the basketball court. Yasmin was already asleep during that time and he forgot to ask her this morning.

"Chris, can I please borrow your homework?" he whispered to his best friend, kicking his foot.

"Mason, not again." Chris complained. "Ms. Minette might notice."

"Shh, be quiet Chris. I will be fast." Mason said grabbing the book and hurriedly copying the answers. The door opened after 3 minutes and Mason looked at Sophie, surprised and amazed. He was only able to copy half of the answers as he hurriedly returned Chris' book.

They exchanged books and checked the answers.

"Chris, how can you be such a moron. You didn't even get half of the answers correct!" Mason groaned. "I should have never copied from you."

"Next time, you do your own homework." Chris replied sarcastically as the bell rang for the next class.

Sophie turned to him as they were walking out of the class. "You're such a jerk!" she exclaimed.

"What? It isn't my fault that you didn't do your homework?" Mason replied rudely.

"Whatever? I saw you copy Chris' homework again." she said angrily and stepped on his shoes.

"Ouch!" Mason exclaimed and pulled Sophie's hair. Sophie fought back and kicked him. He grabbed Sophie and they both landed on their backs.

"What is happening here?!" Ms. Minette exclaimed when she saw Sophie and Mason at the floor glaring at each other. "No fighting in the school or I will report you to your parents! Apologize to each other"

They both stood up and smiled insolently at each other and issued a half-hearted apology. They turned their backs and went to their friends.


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