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What if America was a babysitter for the founding fathers children/grandchildren or something but the children/grandchildren would instead be a babysitter for him....


Theodosia: Alfred that's dangerous!!

America: *balancing on the banister of really high stairs*

Phillip: Alfred get down!! Our parents will yell at us for letting you do this!!

America: Nah it's totally fine!!

GW: *runs into the room* ALFRED GET DOWN!!!

Martha: Oh my god!! Why are you such a disobedient child?! Just get down from there sweet thing!!

Alfred: But I- *nearly slips and falls but our lovely Jefferson grabs him*

TJ: Alfred what the hell we've told you not to do this over 158 times!!

America: love you too Jeff.

Madison: Actually it's been 159 times-

TJ: Shush Madison.

Hamilton: *pokes head inside* did I miss something?

Burr: Is Alfred trying to balance again? Let him be, he'll figure it out eventually.

Theodosia: DAD you can't just let him fall he's a child!!

America: (hm what a lovely mess I've made- wait did Theodosia just call me a child?! IM OLDER THEN HER!!) THEODOSIA DID YOU CALL ME A CHILD?!!

Theodosia: Hush Alfred the grown ups are talking.

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