Brides of Moonlight

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At the darkest hour of night,

the brides of the moon take erotic flight.

When the clock tower strikes twelve,

into an ocean of forbidden passions the man delved.

In the midst of fog-clad fantasies,

opals of seductive sapphire shimmer through rays of moonlight.

Dastardly maidens rupture him with unbridled ecstasy,

with phantasmal skin as fair as lucite.

Three sinister maidens twirled with the stars,

the seduction of decay was a beauty most bizarre.

Crimson buds bloomed like roses in winter,

to the haunting serenade they danced in harmony.

Piercing white fangs peeked through jaded lips like poisoned splinters,

resembling the glittering jewels of a mad man's armory.

A dazzling aria of sex and sorrow,

if only for a moment, he was a willing soul to borrow.

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