;chapter three

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a/n: look at this cutie. who dat👅

Alaska's pov
today I woke up with a twisted stomach. i'm so nervous for school today ugh.

anyways, I got up did my morning routine, changed into ⬇️,

anyways, I got up did my morning routine, changed into ⬇️,

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then went down stairs & left with Mais to school.

once we got there we got our timestables then went our separate ways to our lockers. I was just putting books in my locker when I heard my name being called. "Ally!"-person. I turned around to see Joey's friends Brayden & Charles. "oh hey!" i waved back at them.

girls walking by in the hall stopped & stared at me. probably because im new.

"I didn't know you were going to this school."-Charles. "yeah I guess it never came up." "can I see your classes?"-Brayden. "sure" i said giving him my timestable. "wow we all have all classes together."-C. "awesome." "just stick with us & we'll show you where all the classes are & stuff."-Brayden. "k thanks" I finished at my locker then we went to our first class.

I stayed with them throughout the whole day so I wouldn't get lost. I got bunch of nasty looks from girls & a bunch of smirks & stuff from guys which caused me to feel kinda uncomfortable. guys are disgusting. I also met a couple of Brayden & Charles' friends so that was fun.

finally it was the end of the school day & nothing bad happened other than the glares but who cares about that.

Mais & I met up at my locker after & we went home together. "so you made friends?"-M. "kinda I mean I already knew them but we became better friends today. those were Joey's friends that came with us the other day." "oh ok well that blond one is cute so if you wanna hit him up for me, that'd be great."-M. "Maisie you aren't dating one of my friends." "he's cute that's all."-M. "whatever. did you make friends?" "yeah. a couple."-M. "cool." honestly i didn't really care. i know it sounds mean but she's good at making friends so whatever.

once we got home, I did my homework then facetimed my best friend Libby from back home.

"omg Ally! I miss you so much!"-Libby. "I miss you too!" "so tell me what's been going on there."-Libby. "ok well I have a couple friends, Joey, Brayden, & Charles" "they're all guys! wait Joey's names seem oddly familiar to me. what's his last name?"-Libby. "Birlem." "omg Alaska! Joey is internet famous! how do you know him?"-Libby. "he's my neighbour." "wow you're lucky cause he's a hottie."-Libby. "Ikr" "oh does someone have a crush?"-Libby. "no...maybe." "aw Ally! oh you guys would be cute together. long live Jalaska!"-Anna. "stop" I blushed. "oh I gotta go. I'll talk to you tmr. love you bye." "love you too bye."-Libby.

I was about to go downstairs to get food, but i got a text from joey.

J- "hey I heard you hung out with Brayden & Charles today at school."
A- "yeah but i mean what am I supposed to do? you aren't there."
J- "true"
A- "they're super cool tho. why? u jealous u don't get to hang out with us?😏"
J- "yeah ngl. they better not steal you from me tho😈"
A- "I would never let that happen ;)"
J- "good :) reminds me, do you wanna hang out with me tmr?"
A- "sure"
J- "k text you tmr bye x"
A- "bye x"

after I finished talking to Joey, I changed into a plain shirt & some booty shorts, then went to bed.


hey what's up bitches. had the worst day today cause i had to go to school then i had to work out with my lacrosse team cause we've been on a break for a while. fuck me in the ass. i hate working out but i like to know that i'm getting better shape so i do it.

anyways, hope y'all liked it. sorry it was short :( gonna go kms cause i have school again tmr tho so :) bye! xx

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