Niall took me to a nice looking car. It was a E-class 250 series Mercedes.

How'd he know it's my favourite type of car?

Being the gentleman he is, he held the door of the passenger side door open for me. I flashed him a smile and got in. He closed the door and got into the driver's seat.

He had a piece of cloth with him. I gave him a confused look.

He grinned at me.

"This is a piece of cloth" I gave him a 'no shit Sherlock' look.

"And I have to blindfold you." he smirked.

"How am I sure that you will not abduct me and steal my make up from me?" I said with all the seriousness I could muster up.

We burst out laughing.

"I promise I won't steal your make up. I have enough of that in my house. My sister loves make up."

I nodded and let him blindfold me.

20 dangerous and silent minutes later...

"Are we there yet?" I asked for the 25th time.

I was expecting a 'no'.


I heard the car engine turn off and the door slam. The door on my side opened and Niall grabbed my hand.

"Watch your step." he said.

I gingerly walked out.

I walked a few metres with Niall guiding me.

He finally took off the blindfold.

I stared in awe. I was standing in front of Midsummer's dream hall. Yeah you're like 'it's hall so what' but Jimmy Eat World is gonna play here.

I kissed Niall sweetly and passionately. He seemed surprised, but he responded quickly. I pulled away and hugged him super tight.

I flashed him a grin and skipped off to the entrance.

Someone has been doing some serious stalking. How'd he know I love Jimmy Eat World?


Okay people I had some serious writer's block. And I'm not good at planning dates since I've never taken someone there or been into one.

So yeah.

Okay. Nobody guessed the song in the last chapter. Okay!

Okay. I am gonna write a word down there and you have to guess what it means and what language it is. If you guess it correctly you get something.

Ami murghi

Good luck!

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