The Knights Templar at Castle Mills, York: 1308-13

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The Templars' property at York Mills, 1308-13

According to the sheriffs' and keepers' accounts in the National Archives of the UK, Kew

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TNA:PRO E358\/18 rot 30(2) 

John de Gras 

Date (rot. 29 recto): from the Tuesday the day after the Nativity of St John the Baptist 1 Edw. II on which day he received the custody of the said manors and churches with all goods and chattels in them from John de Crepping, recent custodian of the said manors as above, up to the Michaelmas following, 3 Edw II {should be 2 Edw. II?}, through 97 days.

Molen' Castri Ebor' 

(line 1) Idem r' [com]p[ot'] de xxxiij s vj d de redd[itu] ass[iso] div[er]sor[um] lib't ten{ants?} in Ebor', Naburn' + Staynfordbrugg[e] de t[er]mino S[anc]ti Mich[aelis] sic[ut] cont[inetur] in R[otulis] de p[er]tic[u]lis. Et de iiij l? rec' de fir[m]a cui[us]d[am] Molend' 

(line 2) aq[u]at[ici] in Ebor' una cu[m] quod[am] Mes[uage] eid[em] adiace[n]te de eod[em] t[er]mino. Et de vijs vj d de q[u]od[am] Mes[uage], J gardi[no] + de pastura t[ri]um plat[earum] ibid[em] ad firm[am] s[i]c dimis' .D. xxxiij s iiij d de  

(line 3) redd ass' in villa de queneb[y] ad sustent' Capelle de t[er]mino pent[ecoste] n[ihi]l hic, q[uare] in [com]p[otum] J de Crepping' h[abe]ntis tu[n]c custod[iam] isti[us] Maner[ie]. 

(line 4) S[u]ma Rec[eptorum] Cxjs.


(line 1) Idem [com]p' in xxx p[er]tic[at'] nov' sep[is] circa domu[m] gardinu[m] una cu[m] stipend' J carpent[arii] fac[er]i p[ro] porta' ibid[em] + J sarura emp' iiijs vj d. Et in vas J Capell[an]i d[iv]ina celebr[and'] i[n] capel[la] 

(line 2) ibid[em] p[er] ijjjxx xvij dies, xviij s j d cap[it] p[er] die[m] ij d, de q[u]a sic[ut] cont[inetur] ibid[em]. 

(line 3) S[u]ma expn' xxij s vij d. Et deb[et] iiij l? viij s v d. Et r[espond]' infra.

Mort' Instru' 

(line 1) Idem r' de J Calite aur[ato] p[re]c[ium] C s; j phiol arg[ento] p[re]c[ium] iiij s; j Missale p[re]c[ium] xl s; j antiphon' p[re]c[ium] x s; j leg[end'] p[re]c[ium] d? m[a]r[ce]; j g[r]adal', p[re]c[ium] v s; j psalt[er]io p[re]c[ium] ij s; j tropar' p[re]c[ium]  

(line 2) ij s; j ep[isto]lare p[re]c[ium] ij s; j ordinal[e] p[re]c[ium] iij d; j martil[og]' p[re]c[ium] xij d; cu[m] capitul' + coll' j vestim[ento] cu[m] corp[or]al, p[re]c[ium] x s; j vestim[ento] fer[iali] p[re]c[ium] iij s; j vest[imento] sine zona + casula p[re]c[ium] xij [d.]... 

(line 3) iiij manut[er]g[iis] + q[ui]nt[o] cu[m] parura p[re]c[ium] ij s; j manut[er]g[io] p[ro] sacrar' p[re]c[ium] ij d; j Capa Chor' p[re]c[ium] iij s; j frontal' de serico p[re]c[ium] xij d; ij Rochet' p[re]c[ium] ij d; j alba s[i]n[e] parura p[re]c[ium] iij d; [j] 

(line 4) supp[ere]l[lit]' p[re]c[ium] iij d; j pctuit {petten?} eburu[m] p[re]c[ium] j d; ij fiol p[re]c[ium] j d; j tcribul' p[re]c[ium] iij d; j thurifer' p[re]c[ium] j d; j Cista p[ro] libr[is] p[re]c[ium] ij s; j alia cista p[re]c[ium] xij d; iij mens[is] cu[m] ij trest[ell], j men[sis]... 

(line 5) p[re]c[ium] xviij d; ij form', j lavator' cu[m] pelu[is], p[re]c[ium] xiij d; ij oll' en[ea] p[re]c[ium] v s; ij vitiol p[re]c[ium] xviij d; ij patell' p[re]c[ium] v d; j Catabo p[re]c[ium] xij d; j Crasseto p[re]c[ium] j d; j tripod' p[re]c[ium] j d; ... 

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