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"He's right," Ella pitches in. "We will have more of a chance if we band together."

I nod, thinking this through. Maybe they are right - the more, the merrier.

"And Amber's my friend so if you don't mind, I'd like to come too..?" she adds.

I will not object to that... "Anyone else?" I look around. "I mean, they're right, the safer we are in numbers." I try to avoid glancing at Carmen in the process.

"Fine, if you must insist." Carmen raises her hand. "Count me in too!"



Some students in our class left, others stayed in their friendship groups - mumbling tactics of their own kind. Brayson, Jace, Ella, and unfortunately Carmen gather in a circle around me.

"So what's the plan?" Jace asks quietly.

"Here's the plan," I make sure they're all ears. "We need to get upstairs, that's where Amber had Second; Psychology class."

"Kinda ironic, don't ya think?"

We all face Brayson with raised eyebrows.

"I mean..." he clears his throat, "Psychology...zombies..brains..?"

Is he being serious right now?

Brayson glances at each one of our unamused faces. "Right, yeah, I'll zip it."

I shake my head and continue on, "she's in the library. It isn't that far from here. We just need to head past two classrooms and the toilets to get there."

They nod.

"We need weapons too - for protection obviously," Jace mentions.


The five of us meticulously make it upstairs.

It's deserted and dark. No students or teachers. Looks like they were smart enough to leave before us. On the way here, Jace cracked open the emergency glassed-box to grab an axe and Brayson took ahold of the fire extinguisher next to it. I found a baseball bat left lying around.

I hear something like a tin can rattle in the distance. "Wait-shhh!" I put my hand up in the air, halting for the rest of the group to stop.

"What?" Carmen squeals. "I don't hear anything!"

"Shutup!" I hiss with gritted teeth.

Then I see it, we all see it. One of the dead, a zombie, a lurker or whatever the heck you call it! We maneuver and duck behind a row of lockers. It slowly trudges past us but not before stopping here and there to sniff us out.

"What if it spots us?" Jace murmurs. "Is it game on?"

"Well, if you didn't put so much lynx on, it'd have a much harder time doing so..!" Brayson taunts.

"Brayson..!" I nudge him. "Quit it."

"What?" he knits his eyebrows together. "Just saying, jeez."

We lose sight of the lurker in the distance.

"Alright," I duck back down, "it has moved on. Ella," I face her, "you and Carmen stay here. We'll be right back."

Ella nods. The boys and I get ready to leave.

"Sexist..." Carmen mumbles, slumping back.

I clench my jaw, turning right back to her. "If you wanna come then be my fucking guest."

She gulps, not knowing how to reply.

"We'll stay," Ella answers for her. "Just go and...be careful."


We're almost at the library. It's too dark to see much. But then...

"Holy sh.." Brayson's voice trails off.

"Shit," Jace finishes off for him.

There's a study space between the toilets and the library that I forgot to account for. It has three lurkers standing in its door frame, the glass bloody-stained. It's Carmen's goddamn clique! Thank God she isn't here to see this because this would've definitely broken her.

"Guys...w-what the fuck do we do now?" Brayson hisses as we all back away steadily.

"Any ideas, Sylvester?" Jace asks me.

"Hold on, just let me think!" I hiss back at them.

"Why the fuck do you need to think for?" Jace remarks. "Just say the word and we'll pop their fucking heads right off!"

*Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!*

I look down at my trouser pockets. Fuck me... I look back at the lurkers and now, they're on to us. Three against three, you'd think it's fair but this isn't bloody fair! They don't have feelings; we do and we're fucking petrified! Their heads contort at gross angles, arms twisting into odd formations.

It's the mere fact that they were once students and the thought of that makes me shiver the most. I had freakin' history with Angelika first thing today and now she's a... These girls caused so much drama at school alongside Carmen but no way in hell did they deserve this. Not Sam, not them.

"Angelika...hey..." I say in a very calm tone, allowing my arms to protect me by holding them out in front of myself. "Look it's us - Dean, Brayson, and Jace," I motion to each one of us. "We're not here to hurt you."

"What the fuck are you doing!" Jace shrills in my ear.

"Just shut up, I got this!" I snap. "Hey, look, it's okay," I return my attention back at the girls. "Everything is going to be okay. You're all just a little sick and a little out of it but we'll get you the help you need and you'll turn out just fine..."

The girl on Angelika's right, growls and grits her teeth. Then Angelika snarls and almost jumps on top of me. We take swift and steady steps back.

"Still wanna have that chat, Sylvester?" Jace asks rhetorically.

I gulp. Who am I kidding? They're hungry as fuck and we're dead as fuck.

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