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I've been doing some research into what exactly I am. So far, I've come up with jack and shit, and a web page that looks like it was created in the early days of the internet that does have one thing that reminds me of myself; the scent of flowers.. but nothing about invisible freckles and red hair or violet eyes. The page is about witches from different cultures. It talks about spell casters, both male and female, and on one page it states that in some cultures these people are very tied to the earth and all living things, and in another it mentions that they smell sweet, sort of floral.

So do I think I'm a witch? Some kind of spell caster? I don't know. When I figure it out, I vow to tell Cayden – at first I agreed with Elise, but the closer I grow to Cayden, the more I don't want to keep things from him like this. And if I am a...whatever, I'll say witch, then that's kind of a big deal. Don't witches have familiars or something? Black cats? God, I feel stupid even thinking about it, but he's half demon so anything is possible at this point.

And speaking of demons, it pains me to admit that I don't particularly want him to be Lauren's fake boyfriend for selfish reasons. But he made it clear that he likes someone, and he never said it was me. He never even implied it. And really, don't I just want him to be happy?

Four days ago I saw him naked and I can't stop thinking about it. Like at all. And I had to pretend like it was no big deal or anything, just oh woops there it is, that's a penis I'm not fazed by it at all. He doesn't have that big muscular build of guys in movies or real life jocks, but he's got the body of a guy who knows how to fight and win. I know he's thinner than I've ever seen him in all of my years knowing him, but he's still attractive to me. Besides, I'm a girl who practically has abs and a very small B cup, and I can out eat any of my guy friends by a mile since I'm so active.

But oh my God, that small trail of dark hair that leads down to his...okay, shut up, brain. I've never been ditzy in my life despite being a cheerleader, so this is all new to me.

Why do I have to be thinking about these things in math class? Thankfully the bell rings, saving me from some unsavoury thoughts.

Jake catches me just before I walk into the cafeteria. "Spencer, I um was wondering if you wanted to maybe catch a bite to eat with me after school? Maybe go to that old bookstore you like. I know you think Indigo is overrated."

He seems nervous, and I suddenly feel kind of nervous myself. "Like a date?"

He smiles. "Yeah, like a date."

Jake looks so eager, it's like he's waiting for news from a doctor or something. I find myself blushing. I didn't know that he liked me; he'd never made any advances before today. I don't really have those kinds of feelings for him, but the guy I do like isn't exactly asking me out...maybe it's just that I've never seen Jake as anything other than a friend. I could like him that way, maybe. I won't know unless I try.

"Okay, sure."

He looks as if I've given him the best gift he's ever received. "Awesome!"

When we get to the table, he sits next to me and takes my hand, stunning me. I didn't think he'd just assume we were together after just asking me out. I mean, we're friends but we've never actually hung out one on one all that much.

"Oh my God," says Ana, though not as happily as you'd expect considering I'm best friend. "You guys are an item now? Since when?"

Cayden, who was just in the middle of drinking a cup of coffee, practically chokes on the beverage. Jeez, way to make me feel uncomfortable. I can get a boyfriend if I want. I'm desirable...although I really feel exactly happy that Jake just assumed like this. That might be what Cayden's picked up. God when did I start to overanalyze everything?

I open my mouth to explain, but Jake beats me to it by kissing me on the cheek a bit too close to my lips, "Yep. We're going out later today."

Um, Okay no.

I open my mouth again, but just before I can get out one word, Cayden abruptly says, "I gotta go," and just as fast, stalks off.

"What was that about?" Avery wonders.

For some reason, I decide to keep my mouth shut.

Ana sighs and says, "You're so dense. A blind person could see what's right in front of your face from fifty kilometers away."

Darien chuckles and says, "You know I'm blind in one eye, right? I can vouch for you."

"Oh," says Avery sarcastically, "well shit, that really narrows it down to w, t, and f."

Lacy leans over and whispers into Avery's ear, and a look of understanding crosses her features.

"Anybody wanna explain?" I ask, annoyed.

All of the guys at the table share a collective look. "It's bro code. You have to have a dick to get it," says Josh.

Avery rolls her eyes. "My dick is bigger than all of yours any day, and last I checked, I'm a girl."

Now Josh rolls his eyes, "I'm not talking about lady dicks. I'm talking about man dicks. There's a difference."

"Wait," asks Lacy, "does that mean my brother has a man vagina?"

Ana sighs. "I don't understand people's obsession with genitals, why's it matter what's in your pants?"

Jake snorts. "Says the girl who is attracted to cookware and flutes."

"Says the dude who broke the idiotically titled man dick code," points out Avery, looking rather triumphant.

I frown. "Cayden's got a girlfriend, you know. She doesn't go here."

"Bro code," is all Matt has to say, miming locking his mouth and throwing away the key.

Jake pounds his fist on the table and everybody looks over at him, startled. "Listen, I didn't break any code. If he wanted her he could have asked her out. He didn't. Clearly he doesn't want her. And she doesn't want him, do you Spence?"

Everybody turns their eyes towards me, and Avery mouths "what's his problem?" Ana gives me this flailing hand signal that means, "omg don't say shit he's fucking crazy," and Darren looks like he wants to be anywhere else but here.

I shrug. "Nope?" I didn't mean for it to sound like a question, and Jake doesn't seem like he noticed, because he nods and says, "See?"

"Oh, mais oui," says Lacy under her breath, "that solves it then bravo, good show, sacrament."


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