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In the few weeks that Spencer visited Elise's for the first time, we've become surprisingly close. I even sit at her table now with Darren and Josh, who found solace in Spencer's group when I ditched school. A part of me is glad that I did, just because they deserved better friends than me.

Ana has taken a liking to me, thank god for small miracles. I was worried she'd take one look at me and tell me to get the fuck away from everybody at the table, but instead she just smiled at me and pointed to Spencer, saying, "I'm glad she brought you into the group. I mean you and Spence have always had this weird friend-like thing going on but you never hung out or anything. It made me think you hated her or whatever. I dunno. I'm just glad that you're here now; you make her happy. Keep doing that. You're not as creepy looking up close as you looked when you sat far away, secluded and with an awful frown on your face."

How could I explain to her that I frowned so often because I was doing my best not to feed from my classmates? I didn't want poor Spencer to pass out again. Whatever had happened that day, I know that I caused her fainting spell and that it kick-started a whole chain of events.

It's now lunch, and everybody is waiting for Spencer and Avery to come into the cafeteria so they can begin talking about the party they want to throw tomorrow.

When Spencer takes her place across from me, she smiles. "French Fridaaay," she sings as she shoves a whole handful of fries into her mouth, making her cheeks puff up like a chipmunk or a hamster. To top it off, she wiggles around in her chair like she's doing some sort of adorable dance, and beats the table, bobbing up and down in her seat.

"I didn't realize how much you liked fries," I comment, trying to keep the amusement out of my tone.

She opens her full mouth and sticks out her tongue, chewed food all over it, and gives me the finger for full measure, but she smiles when she continues to chew her food and moving from side to side in a more tame version of her French-fry-dance.

If she wasn't so cute I'd have been grossed out at seeing her chewed up food.

Ana laughs at my facial expression and points to Spencer. "Yeah, she's weird if you hadn't noticed. She does weirder things at home."

Spencer suddenly stops chewing and she narrows her eyes. "Yho whuhouldn't dehr," she says with a mouth still full. "I'll gtyho bachf!"

Ana's already whipped out her phone and is showing the table a video, and when I shift my focus to that, I can't help the whoop of laughter that escapes me. In the video, Spencer is in a footie pyjama sloth costume, and she's slowly going down the bannister that leads to the loft in their apartment, all the while making these cute little squealing sounds. Oh my God, this girl really is going to be the death of me because I can't stop laughing.

Avery sits down as we're all still laughing – even Spencer – and asks us all what's so funny. After she sees the video, she confidently says, "I'm so winded from this laughter I can feel it in my lady balls!" which brings on a whole new round of laughter, the men closest to her, Darren and Matt both patting her on the back.

"Amen to that, sister," says Jake. "I think mine just went right on back up, yo."

Once the laughter from that has died down, talk of the party comes into play. Most people want to go to Mount Royal at the overlook, but I'm not going back up there for a long time. Maybe never again. So after some deliberation, everybody decides to go bowling and eat at a restaurant called La Banquise which specialises in poutine. Never been there...never really had a reason to.

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