Weeks Gone By

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(Warnings: Nightmares, Bf/n getting a little sexual so I guess that's slight NSFW I guess also real sexy time is off "screen", wtf why is everyone but Jefferson Laf and Burr drunk, murder, Lafayette's suspicion in a French accent, Lams??? Kinda???)
(Y/n POV)
It's been a week and a half since I found Vanessa's body. Police were of course, still looking for the killer. I didn't live in fear though... Mulligan didn't require the few therapy visits I did. I guess he saw his fair share of gore in the war. I felt fine. I guess... I have been having nightmare of a rather familiar voice taunting me as I felt massive amounts of pain all over my body. What doesn't help is that there has been one other murder by the Cannibal over the course of the week, giving me flashbacks. I can't put my finger on it, but I recognize the voice from my dreams. Yet in an unfamiliar...real... attitude. I have a feeling someone in my life is not who they have made themselves to be. I know for a fact it can't be Alexander, Burr, Jefferson, Laurens, Mulligan or Lafayette. And F/n and I have known each other too long, and Jodie is my sister. Bf/n is too fucking perfect. Washy is a dog. I could just be paranoid. I'm sure it will pass.
I laid in bed on a night Bf/n was allowed to stay over due to his job allowing it. Jodie had also decided she wanted to sleep in the living room by Jefferson. Everyone was kinda still awake. I just wanted some alone time with my boyfriend. I climbed into bed next to him, only to feel his arms snake around me tightly. He smiled at me. "You're absolutely adorable." He remarked.
I blushed slightly. "So are you..."
"You find me adorable?" He cocked an eyebrow.
"Yes." I smirked. He ran his hand from my upper back down to my butt. He promptly squeezed it, making me blush darker and squeak in surprise.
He chuckled darkly and planted a kiss on my forehead. "I'll take adorable but I prefer sexy."
I nuzzled myself into his chest and groaned. "You're a little tease." I huffed.
Then I was underneath him with my arms pinned to the bed. He smirked down at me, eyes gleaming with mischief. "Oh, if you want I can be a real tease~"
I almost got a fucking nosebleed. I shuddered, unmoving as he bent down and dragged his lips skillfully across my jawline. I felt him release one of my hands. I uttered out a quiet moan as he grazed his teeth against my skin, my fingers going into his h/c hair.
There was a crash from outside the door. I jumped. Bf/n groaned in agitation.
"I really dislike everyone in this house besides you at the moment." He rolled off of me.
I rubbed the spot on my neck where he kissed as I got up and walked towards the door. Laurens laid on the floor, beer bottle in hand with a mellow look on his face. "Heeeeeeeyyyyyy Y/n! My good ole pal!" He raised his arm slightly, very lazily.
Mulligan sat against the kitchen counter. "Y/n! I thought you were asleep!" He stood up, relying on the counter to help him. Hamilton was asleep with his face pressed against the floor, Lafayette upside down in the chair he chose to sleep in. He was wide awake, reading a newspaper.
"Um..." I raised an eyebrow. "Why is upside down?"
"Oh don't worry about him," Burr chuckled as he read a book in his make-shift cot in the corner of the guest room.
Lafayette snapped to attention. "Bonjour, miss Y/n. I thought you were asleep with Bf/n, no?"
"Well, I was but I heard Laurens fall and I got concerned."
I looked over my shoulder. Jodie was out cold, curled up on the giant pillow she slept on in the corner of the living room by the window. Jefferson was trying to drag Alexander to bed. He had apparently been writing drunk, as one of his new pencils was stiff in his hand as well was the notebook with a small spot of drool on it.
"Laurens, Mulligan," I gained their attention, putting my hands together and talking in a motherly tone. "Bedtime! I have work tomorrow and I can't handle these disturbances."
F/n was in their bathroom across the hall. I didn't have to worry about them. They worked tomorrow too.
Jefferson shrugged and plopped onto the couch once Alexander's sleeping face was pressed against Laurens' inner thigh. I rolled my eyes and dragged him onto his spot in the bed, pulling up Laurens and doing the same thing. Mulligan yawned drunkenly and fell face-first into his cot.
As I said my goodnights, Lafayette stared at me.
"What is that on your neck?"
I blushed. I rubbed the nibble mark Bf/n had left.
"Nothing important. Goodnight..."
He eyed me with suspicion as I closed the door back to my bedroom.
Bf/n instantly started back at my neck again. I bit my lip.
"Where were we~?" He whispered into my ear.
I shivered at the feeling of his warm breath in my skin.
His fingers ran up my shirt.
"I have work tomorrow." I insisted.
"So do I." Bf/n replied. "You're just not tied enough. I can tell." His hand rubbed down as he stroked my inner thigh slightly. I gasped quietly and smiled.
"Okay...let's do this you unbearable tease." I ran a finger over his lips.
Well thank god the walls are sound proof.

(A/n: YAY. Sorry there hasn't been a chapter in a minute. I got back to school, exams are in a week and I caught I bad cold that hindered me from doing anything productive. But it's finally up! Please leave suggestions and stuff in the comments, my dear readers!)

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