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  Warning: This book contains mature content. Enter at your own risk. 16+ even though I know y'all are sneaky and don't care..

  The story is a SUPERNATURAL romance, if you haven't noticed yet. That means it contains vampires mainly, werewolves, witches, demons, basically all kinds of horror elements. If you love this stuff, we'll have a great time through these pages, 'cause I'm a supernatural freak.

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  My fingertips itched to touch her more, my whole soul melting under the softness of her skin. It was insanity how I couldn't fight against the thoughts that went though me. Madness how high her simple presence made me. I needed her to stop. Stop letting me. Because she knew damn well how little control I had around her.

  No one could make me that angry, yet in such need for more. No one except for her. Because I knew that was what she wanted. The devilish look in her eyes, the constant trouble she was getting in.. She wanted my attention. And she got it.

  Another day, another punishment. Her way, or no way.. But I had plenty of ways for her, methods, and I decided to show her a new one. There was no getting away from me, and I thought she knew that by now. But the girl was fearless, a pure madness to my mind to try and test me.. To try and run away from me.. Yet again.

  "You are fuckįng mine." I told her, tracing the silkiness of her skin over her bare back. I was furious with her, and I knew I shouldn't touch her. But it was hard to find resistance around this girl.. I heard her breath cut, but Lara knew how to show nothing. "Do you understand that?"

  I had already crossed that line with her, and I knew she fought to resist as much as I did. I had enough of playing, teasing and games.. No more fighting the thoughts, the urge for more..

  Her smell was making me senseless and there was never enough closeness.. I was damn insatiable for her. So I pulled her closer. Her body straightened, and with one sharp breath she leaned her hands on the wall.

  I wanted to stop.. Stop before I lose myself, but I couldn't seem to. She turned her head slowly, showing off those splendid lines of her profiles, gracious and straight, damn perfect.. And then she looked at me.

  I wasn't wrong. Just like every other time, she didn't fear looking me in the eyes. It was one of the many things I loved about her. She was pure, raw.. Fearless. 

  With me, she was so much more than just safe and protected. She was cherished and loved, because she was mine. And I had her for a reason. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted her. And I always got what I wanted. The thing was, it was insanity how she could make me want more and more each day. Simply never enough.

  She looked back at me with raw intensity, confidence behind those ocean eyes.. It was as if there was storm trapped inside those sapphires and I was too high on her to fight against it.. I felt her push herself against me as she leaned closer to my face. I couldn't help but try to absorb every feature of hers, but it was already carved in my brain..

  I only held her closer when she brushed her lips against mine. "All yours." Her voice was a sweet symphony to my ears, but I knew her well enough to hear every spark of lie. I was the one with the power. And I had her life in my hands.

  Right when she parted her lips to kiss me, I moved away enough to make her look at me again.. I couldn't help the smirk that grew on my lips.. Yes, she was damn impulsive and smart.. But little did she know, I could read every little emotion behind her eyes. My pretty little human had no idea what she was letting herself into.

  "I've been too lenient with you, princess,"

  Once again, I ran my fingers down her back, enchanted by the way she curled her fingers against the wall very unconsciously when I touched her.

  "From now on, you will be taught," I continued as I pressed my lips against the side of her neck, marveling and melting from her simple sent.. But it was my turn to play with her. "And you'll learn," My fingers explored every inch of her, and I couldn't seem to stop myself. "exactly how I wish to be pleasured."

  I heard her take in a sharp breath, and when I looked at her, her eyes were closed, her lips slowly parting as she released the air. She loved it.

  I leaned my hand against the wall from behind her, trapping her even more. Her eyes slowly opened when my hand was no longer touching her, and that crystal color of her eyes had me locked in place. Fucking beautiful.

  "Understood?" I asked, just so I would hear her voice but in return she just nodded her head. I pressed myself against her from right how I stood behind her before reaching my hand to put away the small stand of hair falling over her face, only as an excuse to get to touch her more. "What do you say?"

  She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder.. Her eyes scanned my face, and I seemed to lose my mind each time I saw that lust in her eyes. And then, I finally heard that satisfying symphony of her soft voice.

  "Yes, Master."


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