Chapter 1

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I'm Sang Sorenson and until not so long ago, no one except the people in my village knew about my existence. 

I arrived here a week ago and I still can't believe it. When the man with the gentle blue eyes and the long white beard came to my attic and saved me from this dreadful place, I was so weak, I thought it was it. I would die alone without anyone to notice it or care that I passed away. 

You see, I am the grand-daughter of a truly awful man. A man who taught my mother - his daughter - to gather as many wizards as she could to create a secret community who would forge a plan to eventually reign on the muggles and expose the wizarding world to them. 

My parents were like most of the others in this village, magically hidden in a forest, somewhere in England. They raised me like a soldier who would be part of their 'army'. They tried to brainwash me to think muggles were inferior creatures and needed us wizards to think for them. It always bugged me because that's what they were doing to me and the other children there. I wanted to believe that maybe outside of the village, there were parents who cared about their children and who didn't hurt them with words, their hands, magic or other. 

I've been left behind four days before mister Dumbledore found me. The whole community left and didn't come for me. I think they knew that the outside world has found them and they went elsewhere to finalize their evil plan supposedly 'for the greater good'. Four days without food, except a box with a couple of crackers left in it and two bottles of water that I had to ration so it would last longer. 

My mother locked me in the attic before I heard them all leave. There was a little window there but I couldn't escape because I was chained too far from it and I heard mother sealing it with a spell I did not know.

Mister Dumbledore gave me food, water and healed the wounds I haven't been able to and we left the village with a couple of wizards he came with. They were not happy to find my community empty, except for me. They want to find my parents and the others before they and my mother do something bad. They are good people, the wizards who found me. Now, I'm in a big castle they name Hogwarts. Mister Dumbledore says that it's a school for young wizards and that it is the safest place I could be. I'm 18 and too old to be a student here but they made me pass some exams so I could graduate anyway and eventually find what I want to do as a career. 

At least my parents taught me magic well. I got Outstanding in everything except Divination, which I always thought was rubbish anyway. 

I am in Hogwarts for my own safety for a while. I imagine that what they mean by 'a while' is until they find my parents and the others and put them in Azkaban. They won't be able to escape that place. I'm so thankful to mister Dumbledore and I try to help in any way I can in the castle. I deliver messages to the staff and help mister Hagrid with simple things and sometimes mister Filch too but not often. He reminds me of my parents. He always says that they should let him punish the bad students reopen the dungeons to hang them by their feet so they would think about it twice before being naughty again. He gives me chills. His cat bites too...

Today, mister Dumbledore said that I would meet new friends about my age who are going to work for the school. He didn't give me many details about the work they will do here. He says they are muggles! I'm so excited! They're my first muggles and there are fourteen of them! They are going to teach me about the muggle world, which I know absolutely nothing about. They're all boys. I never met any boys my age. Or girls as a matter of fact. Children in my community couldn't interact with each other. It wasn't allowed. I'm excited and a little bit scared. What if they don't like me? Nobody ever liked me before, except the people here, I think. Well, some of the teachers and staff, anyway.  I have been too shy to talk to the students, yet. I don't talk much with strangers. It's like I lose my voice and I don't know how to act around them.

All the students have been sorted into four different groups called 'houses' by a talking hat! There is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. I don't know much about the houses except for their names because I had too much going on in the past week to ask questions about them. I won't be sorted anyway but Hogwarts is fascinating and so beautiful!

So, I have been standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom that's been mine since my arrival here, for a good hour now, looking at my reflexion in it and wondering if my new possible fourteen friends would be disappointed and asking myself what to wear for our first meet. What do you wear when getting acquainted with people your age for the first time? Do you have to dress in formal clothes? Because if so, I'm torn. I don't have any formal clothes. No cute dress or anything like that. In fact, I don't have many clothes to wear, period.I came here with a little simple suitcase with not much in it. It's not like my parents gave me much personal stuff. Two pairs of jeans, four simple skirts, and exactly seven shirts. Let's just say that I had to wash those by hand a lot. They wouldn't let me use magic to do my laundry. No gloves either so I hurt my hands every time and I couldn't heal them with a spell or else they would 'punish' me. Well, mother would and my father would act like nothing happened. You don't mess with the 'great' Gellert Grindelwald's daughter. I did not get the same respect, even though I was his grandchild. Not that my grandfather would know. He died in 1998, in the wizards' prison of Azkaban, so...

Sighing, I finally decide to wear my best looking shirt and skirt. Meaning the less worn-looking ones, so I pick up my pink buttoned down shirt from my bed and my black skirt and put them on. My blonde hair is straight and there's nothing remarkable about them. Maybe if I put them in a ponytail I'll look better. They hang on my left shoulder. I have seen girls with beautiful curls and cute hairdos since my arrival here. I could never achieve that perfection with my hair. Not even with magic. Having done my ponytail, I take one last look at myself in the mirror. Well... It will have to do.

 It will have to do

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Author's note:

Hello you wonderful readers <3

I feel the need to explain something because Sang doesn't know about it and well, no one knows about it in this story hahaha! So, I guess I'm the one who should tell you or else, some might get confused. Gellert Grindelwald has been in Azkaban from 1945 til his death in 1998 so I can imagine that you could ask yourself how the heck he has been able to have a child in those years. Also, how his grandchild is so young. 

Before he was defeated by Dumbledore in 1945, Grindelwald went to see some doctors in Germany who may or may not have worked with Hitler and some scientists and he got his little swimmers contained in a special tube that would make them last longer. He then proceeded to add a special spell so that they would stay alive even longer. He took the sealed tube with him and left for England, where he gave it to a fervent follower and told her to keep it and to find an acceptable woman to be the mother of his future child. 

The woman waited and finally, on her deathbed, she gave it to her granddaughter who then went into an in vitro procedure and had Sang's mom nine months later. This being said if you are wondering how Grindelwald has been able to teach his daughter anything while being in Azkaban, he actually wrote a lot of letters before that and gave it to the same woman he gave the tube and so Sang's mother read those letters and is still keeping them with her.

The second chapter is coming soon! I only have a little more to write so I hope to be able to post it tomorrow. :D

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