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                                                                                      Chapter 11

“It’s not so bad Chas,” Emily said sympathetically.

“Are you kidding me? Mrs R expects Chas to play Juliet and Julian the role of Romeo! That totally sucks,” Melissa was trying to braid my non-existent hair. It wasn’t that I was bald or anything…it’s just that they were a few inches shorter than the end of my neck and were really spiky.

“I can always make a fool of myself and force Mrs Renaldo not to choose me,” I shrugged.

“Uh Chas…this is actually a really good opportunity for you. It would look amazing on your college S.O.P,” Emily said.

“This is not high school musical Em,” I rolled my eyes.

We were sitting in one of the school gardens during recess. We had finished our lunch early so we could spend time in the beautiful school garden.

“She’s kind of right you know. If you decide to pursue college in a course related to music such a thing would seem pretty impressive,” Melissa finished making the braid and tied it with a sparkly golden rubber band.

  I had never given much thought to college. I had always known I wanted to something related to music but what? I hadn’t thought about that. I was sure my parents would’ve expected me to go to Julliard…Yeah, as if Julliard would’ve taken me with all those suspensions and expulsions.

“I know right now it might seem that all you want to have is fun but when you’ll graduate things won’t be pretty,” Emily said as she played with a grass strand.

“Whoa…slow down grandma.” Melissa lied down on the ground.

“I don’t know…I mean with my school record I don’t think I have a chance to get in a good college,” I shrugged nonchalantly but from inside I was having a sinking feeling. I really wanted to make a career in the field of music. Were my dreams going to be squashed just because I had been crazy about pranks?

“You still have time to make up for the lost time,” Emily said kindly while plucking out a grass strand.

“I don’t think so,” I lied down next to Melissa and kept my hands on my eyes.

“Cheer up girl! I agree with Em…you can start over from scratch at Kelson Academy. You can play pranks and stuff but just keep a low profile so that the teachers won’t suspect you…and participate in all kinds of extra-curricular stuff so that the teachers will have no choice and will write down awesome letter of recommendations for you.”  Melissa got up and said excitedly.

I loved my old friends but my new friends were not bad either. They were making me optimistic about my future. If I got selected for the play to play Juliet I could add it in my statement of purpose for college. And it didn’t mean I wasn’t going to have fun because if Julian played Romeo, I could torture him as much as I wanted and make him get into trouble at times. I had to do something which would have made any college want me as a student. Hell yeah, I was so going to do the play. I could even ask Mrs Renaldo to use some of my songs for the play as background music. I was getting more and more excited by the minute thanks to my friends.

“You guys are amazing,” I grinned sitting up straight. “I’m so going to nail this stuff to make my college application cool. I thought I had no hope…but now I feel a lot better.”

“You should hand out with us…we are cool like that,” Melissa feigned a smug expression.

“Whatever Mel,” I nudged her with my elbow and she nudged me back. This actually started a nudging war between us.

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