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Dedicated to Ashful for giving me a spectacular book to read when I was running out of addicting historical fiction to read! Brightmore series! and Sweet Love Of Mine!! Now THAT book needs an update! :D

My first attempt at a not really sure how it'll turn out but cheers to trying!! :D Please Read, comment, vote and if you like it add to your library :)

If you have any suggestions...ill be glad to hear em, just comment...and I'll consider em :)

but if you spy grammatical or any other technical errors make sure to comment and alert me!

The picture is the setting ...except it's at a darker time of day and uh no cat xD --------->

PRELUDE/INTRO :D enjoy! <-- btw this isnt the actual start of the story...just an intro! :D


This doesn't make sense. Atleast not as it used to anyway. I never should have talked to him. My thoughts flowed freely as I hugged my knees, sitting next to my window. Was it real or was it just another hallucination? I think i've been having a few lately; but mabye that's also an illusion. As I looked out onto the hazy light outside, I was determined not to tell anyone until I could figure out what was going on both inside and outside my head.

My windows faced the only woods around town. The only thing between my house and the shaded trees was an empty lot, so empty it looked extremely unnatural at times. It was subject to nature ever since it was vacated and the building, that used to be a punk rock sorta store, was knocked down when real estate took over. Those woods, there was something about them; during the day they were fine, just like any other collage of trees, but at night, they turned into somehting else, something so sinister yet so alluring that it was the last thing on my mind before I fell asleep every night. I heard whispers, whispers and sounds. It hurt to listen and yet, I had to; they were so bitter yet oh so sweet. I knew they came from the forest. The place where every belief I held was revoked, where everything I knew was forever changed and where I am beginning to doubt everything that has ever happened.

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