Chapter 6

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Why is it getting harder and harder to get up every morning? Where does strength for going to school come from? Ahh..what can I do now? Obligations are obligations.
 That's me just comforting myself..I was walking down to school when I heard someone call me.

''Newbie,oh hey,Newbie,wanna ride to school?'',the voice said. 
I didn't want to turn around.That idiot again.
''I don't know who Newbie is,maybe you can find that person someone else'',I replied to him,without looking his way.
''Awh,cmon Newbie,don't be like that.I know you are freezing outside in your skinny jeans and that little jacket of yours...'',he wouldn't stop talking.
''Only if you prove me that you remember my name and promise me that you won't kill us with that driving of yours'',I tried to provoke him as I finally turned my head his way. 
He was driving really nice black jeep,I don't know why but I have a thing for jeeps,they are the only type of car I love.
''Arya Christensen just come in the fucking car and stop being stubborn child'',he commanded me.

He actually knows my name and my last name too.He didn't forget my name.Why does that make me happy? 
''I hate being commanded around if you said nicely I would maybe'',I replied and rolled my eyes as I could recall he hates it.
''Just because I don't want to lose my player I will ask you one last time..'',he said,''...would you like a ride to school or you would rather freeze outside and be late to class?''

He didn't want to lose his player,smart one again Mendes.I was thinking about saying that I would rather freeze outside but when I looked on my watch I realised I will be actually late if I don't go with him and I can't afford that to myself on the start.
''I would actually rather freeze,but as I'm going to be late and that's something I can't afford to myself I will g.....'',I was talking when he interrupted me,''...just get in,stubborn you,oh my God just have mercy on me with this girl....''
I smiled as I got in his car.
''So Newbie,you really think I am going to drive us to school?'',he asked smirking at me.
''Jesus Christ,I will open this door and throw myself out if you try to do anything but drive us to school!'',I started to panic.
''Chill,Newbie.I'm just joking'',he replied and I rolled my eyes again.
''You have that really bad habit,Newbie.You just can't stop rolling your eyes,no matter how many times I told you not to'',it was like a warning and teasing in the same time.
''Just like you,Mendes.You don't call people by their real names and you keep telling people what to do,no matter how obvious it is that you can't influence someone's behaviour'',I fight him back. 
Honestly I was craving real talk with him.It's like....all we do is fight all the time.
''But I am the bad boy.Bad habits are what I am'',he interrupted my thoughts.

I just stared at him.He was actually more than hot.He was beautiful if you can say that for a boy.His face was perfectly aligned,he has really nice,full lips,perfect brown hair and his eyes,oh they could literally make ice melt.I'm not even joking.My eyes hopped on his hands on the steering wheel. Even they were nice, big, veins over them, one hand was still bruised and the other one let go of the steering wheel and  was searching for something in the pocket of his jacket.Everything about him was so nice and perfect,so what the hell is wrong with his character? I stopped staring at him just so he wouldn't notice me.Shawn turnt the volume up and I just couldn't resist and started mumbling the lyrics of the song so quiet only I could hear myself. Just when I thought that he opened his mouth:
 ''Wow,Newbie listens to R'n'B and knows every word of every song.Guess someone is not the way she looks,I'm impressed''.
''I don't know how I seem to be and honestly I don't care because if you cared enough you would probably meet me..and I just listen to everything.I love R'n'B too.'',I replied.
''Why are you always in the mood to fight me?'',he said while lighting his cigarette.
That's what you have been searching for in your pockets.He looked perfectly bad with it.I didn't hate it on him....what? 
''Because you always iniciate it!'',I said,but that was the truth,he is the one to blame.

''Do you smoke? I believe you don't,but the way you keep surprising me I have a need to ask.'',he asked and explained.
''Sorry,no surprise this time.I do not smoke'',I replied.
The car started to slow down,we were in front of school.This ride seemed like forever.We got just in time,everyone was still outside chatting and hanging out even it was really cold,damn Canadians. I hopped out of the car and started going to school.
''Wouldn't you wait for me? I thought we came together.'',Shawn commented.
''Whatever'',I said and waited for him.
As we came in school few people looked at us really weird.I almost forgot that Shawn wasn't the best boy in school.When I saw Layla I just rushed to her,leaving Shawn without a goodbye.
''You were with him in his car? Did he drive you here? I saw you hopping out of the car.What is happening,girl?'',she immediately started to bomb me with questions. 
''Blah,blah,blah,nothing interesting,but I'll tell you everything during the lunch,now first classes'',I replied as the bell had already rung.I didn't have classes with Shawn today,except the last one,Science.Day went pretty great.I hung out with Layla and girls and we talked,studied,did homework and everything.I felt really relieved when I realised only one class is left,I felt tired.I love Science so this isn't going to be that tiring.I got in classroom and sat alone because this is the class like English.I already knew who is going to sit next to me as this is the only free spot in classroom. Before professor came in,Shawn came in and sit next to me.
''You know it's really rude to walk away from a person without saying goodbye'',he lectured me.
''Yeah,I'm sorry mum,won't happen again...'',I was being salty.
In that moment professor came in and the lecture started.I felt really happy when I realised that everything we are going to do I already knew,so I smiled at myself.
''Something is on your mind,Newbie?'',I heard Shawn asking and saw him smirking.
''Nothing you would be interested in'',I replied and smirked back.
I turned around and focused on what professor was showing us.Suddenly in some point of lecture I felt cold touch on..

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