first day

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You've been woken up by your mother. "Wake up sweet heart today is your big day." "mom, give me five more minutes." you said. "No you can't sleep anymore. Today is your day to finally go to school." your mom said. You realized it was your big day. You got out from your bed and jumped up and down. "Ok you could do that later. You got to get dress." your mom said. You told your mom to wait in the living room.

You ran downstairs as you were all dressed. Your mom made toast for you. You put the toast in your mouth and grabbed your mom's wrist and said "come on, I don't want to be late for school." you got into the car and your mom drove off with you.

You arrived at your school. You closed the car door and your mom left. You started walking into the school nervous. As you were walking, you started thinking. 'Will they like me, what if I embarrassed myself, what if they laugh at me?' you thought. As you were still thinking of what will happen, you bumped into a boy. He turned around to look at you. He had one red eye and the other yellow, has red hair and a broken heart on hos cheek. "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going." you said. "No its alright. I get bumped into people a lot of times." the boy said. "Are you new to the school?" the boy questioned you. "Yep. I'm (y/n)." you said. "Kimizuki." he said as he let his hand out to you to shake his hand. You shook his hand and shivered. The reason why you shivered is because how cold his hand was. "What class do you go to?" Kimizuki said. "I don't know. They didn't gave me the schedule. In fact I don't even know where the office is." you said as you smiled nervously. "I'll take you there then." Kimizuki said. You nodded and took his cold hand so he can take you to the office.

You two finally arrived at the office. Kimizuki opened the door for you to the office. "Ah, you must be (y/n). I see one of our students brought you here to come and get your schedule. Here." the principal said as she handed you your schedule. "Thank you ma'am." you said. You bowed to her and left.

"What class do you have first?" Kimizuki said. "2-3 b." you said. "Can you take me there?" you said as you looked up at Kimizuki. He nodded and showed you where your class is. "Here it is." Kimizuki said. "Thank you so much. I really appreciate it." you said as you smiled really, really happy. You hugged him and headed in class.

Few hours past and the bell ranged. As everyone left and headed towards their other class, you standed in front of your first class, looking at your schedule. "Hmm, lets see, 3-2 A. Where could that be." you said to yourself. "Its upstairs silly." a boy said. You turned around to see, the one and only, Sonja. "Sonja! How have you been?" you said, happy. "I'm doing great, thanks for asking. How is your mother?" Sonja said. "Things are going great with her and me." you said. "Can you take me to my next class?" you said to Sonja. "No problem. After all, 3-2 A is my same class." Sonja said. You couldn't help but smile at Sonja which who used to live next to you.

You felt shivers down your spine as you were walking because you felt someone was watching you.

You got to your class still feel like someone is watching, practically stalking you. You stopped at your tracks before you walked inside of class. As you were about to turn around, Sonja called out for you. "Hey come on, class isn't in the halls silly." Sonja said. You shook your head to get that negative feeling out of your head and walked inside.

As you were in class, you couldn't think about anything but who was looking at you and Sonja. "Miss (l/n)!" your sensei said. "Oh I'm sorry ma'am." you said. She turned back to the board and continue to teach. (She was one of thoughs mean teacher. Your first one was nice.)

Lunch came around. "Hey (y/n)." you looked up and sees Kimizuki there waving at you outside of your class. "Hey. How do you know about my second class?" you asked. "Lucky guess." Kimizuki said. You honestly felt like that was a lie. "Come on (y/n),wanna race to lunch?" Sonja said. You see Kimizuki glaring at Sonja. "(Y/n) who is this person?" Sonja looks at Kimizuki with his nervous face. "I met him on the way to the office." you said. You were expecting Kimizuki to say something but all he did was stare into Sonja's soul. Sonja had enough of the stare and grabbed your arm and dragged you to the cafeteria.

Kimizuki's pov

I see (y/n), MY (y/n) dragged by the arm heading to lunch. I don't like that person who he's with. I don't care if he is her brother, I don't care if he is her friend, and I don't care if he is dating her, all I want to do is kill him. I started walking towards the kitchen where all the lunch ladies are at.

"Hello Kimizuki." a lunch lady said (the lunch lady is an adult and she likes Kimizuki.) "hello ma'am. Say, can I borrow that?" I said as I pointed to the knife. "No. That is extremely dangerous. I don't want your pretty face to get hurt." the lunch lady said. "Maybe next time then." I said. I walked out of the kitchen and went to the other line to get some food.

Your pov
Time skip

You were waiting for your mom to pick you up from school. You started humming until you heard someone called your name. You turned around to see Sonja running towards you. "Hey. What happened?" you said. "Before you leave, can you tell your mom if I can come over to your house?" he said. You nodded. "Do you still live in the neighborhood?" Sonja questioned. "Different house, same neighborhood." you said cheerfully.

Your mom honked on the horn making sure that you know that she's here. "Got to go, I tell her it." you said as you waved to Sonja. You got into the car and drove off.

"So he is her childhood friend. Will see about that"

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