The Mystery Guy [Frerard]

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So, this is just a little note: this is a really, really long one shot, and it's all in one piece - but if you'd prefer to read it all separated into different parts, then that's on one of my other books 'Dear Anna,' so you might like that instead - either way, enjoy!!
Gerard's POV:
I smile at the guy stood in front of me – he seems familiar, but I don't remember where I've seen him. It's weird, but there's something about him that draws me towards him. We're in a park or something, it's dark and there's nobody else around; just me and him. He's staring straight at me, but his gaze is so intense it feels as if I'm not even there. I'm just standing there, totally stuck in front of him, until he does something that snaps me out of my trance.

He turns to leave.

I shake my head and try to shout out to him, but no sound comes out. I panic and start running. But it seems like no matter how fast I run he'll always be a step ahead of me. Then time stops – I don't know how, but it just stops. And I catch up to him. I outstretch a pale arm in the cool December breeze and reach for his shoulder when –


I groaned as I rolled over and turned off my alarm. Monday mornings were always the worst. I hauled myself out of bed and glanced over myself in the mirror. Greasy red matted hair, navy bags under my eyes, with eyeliner smudged around them from last night. Great – just the way I like it. I sighed as I tried to fix my hair, but it didn't work at all, in fact, if anything, I made it worse. I dragged my hands down my face as I waddled into the bathroom. I looked down at my watch and grumbled as I realised I had no time to take a shower. I shrugged and grabbed my toothbrush.
I flung open the door to reception and leant against the door frame, completely out of breath.

"Ah, Gerard, I see you decided to show up," my manager said, staring at me expectantly. I took a deep breath as I threw my bag onto the chair.

"Mr Samuels, I am so, so sorry!" I said breathily, walking towards him. He nodded dismissively, waving his hands around as he glanced over the bundle of paperwork in front of him.

"Yeah, yeah, cut to the chase, Mr Way, why are you thirty minutes late?" He asked, not even bothering to look back up at me. "Again?"

"Uh... should I give you the generic work answer or the honest answer?" I asked wearily. He pursed his lips and arched a grey eyebrow at me.

"What was it this time, Mr Way?"

"I went out last night and didn't get back until two in the morning after getting so smashed I couldn't even remember my own name."

"Right," he said, pressing the button to open the door, "one more time and you're in trouble, Mr Way." I smiled half-heartedly at him and grabbed my bag, trying to pull the door open but to no avail. I tried to ask him to press the button again but he cut me off.


"Got it," I said, flushing crimson and getting the hell out of there.

I rushed into my work room and saw the two people I shared an office with already working.

"Like, I have no idea what that dream means," Kate said, "what dream did you have last night, Gee?" I shrugged and explained to them that I never remember my dreams – never have, never will.

I was about to sit when I noticed something on my desk.

"Hey, Emma, did you see who put that there?" I asked, looking at the pretty blonde girl who sat next to me. She glanced at my desk before shaking her head.

"Kate?" I asked, and she looked over her shoulder before shaking her head too. I raised my eyebrows and sat down anyway.

Who the hell would randomly leave a cookie on my desk?

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