One of the Boys

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  • Dedicated to Tamale (whose name will be kept private), Katy Perry, and Fat Camp

"Hey Alex! Softball game at my house in 10 minutes. You in?" Kyle shouted. 

"You know it! Bring it on!" I yelled as I ran across my lawn to tell my mother that I was going to spend the afternoon at Kyle's house. I'm not just any fourteen year old girl. My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex because it fits my personality and I just hate the name Alexandra. I don't fit in well with other girls, because I'm a tomboy. All my friends are guys and I'm fine with that. 

As I was running across my lawn, I slipped on a wet patch of grass from this morning's dew. I quickly picked myself up and check for grass stains. Luckily, there wasn't any. If there had been, my mom would've yelled at me. She always finds grass stains on my jeans and I'm pretty sure she's getting tired of having to clean them 

"Mom, I'm going over to Kyle's." I called as she open her front door. 

"Ok, honey. Don't be out too late! And no grass stains" my mother shouted out from behind me as I ran to try to get to Kyle's house on time. 

Kyle is my best friend. We live near to each other and we're inseparable. Sometimes, people think that Kyle and I are dating when they first look at us, which I think is disgusting. We're best friends, and I couldn't understand why people would think that if we're hanging out, that means we're automatically dating. It bothered me a lot and I've been known to get into a lot of arguments over that issue. 

I got to Kyle's house just in time. They were just about to get ready to pick captains and teams. Bobby and Kyle were picked as captains. Kyle got the first pick, so of course he picked me first. As I walked over to join his team, everyone else rolled their eyes like they knew it was going to happen. I didn't see what was so wrong. I may be a girl, but I'm an excellent softball player. 

Since Kyle got to pick first, Bobby's team batted first. I took my usual place at center field. First batter up, struck out. Second batter, out at first. Third batter hit it toward me. I stuck my hand out to try to catch it, and I did. My hand formed around the ball as I caught it. I quickly threw it to the pitcher, and then we switched positions. The game went on and on. It was finally the last "inning" before everyone had to leave. I batted last. The pressure was on me. Bases loaded two outs, two strikes, and 3 balls; the score was 6-6, but only I knew because no one really kept score, it was a neighborhood game. I had to hit this one, or at least get a ball if I wanted my team to hypothetically win. Bobby, who was the pitcher, threw the ball. It was a curveball, the ball I hit best. It's almost like he wanted me to hit it. The bat struck the softball perfectly, making one of my favorite sounds, the sound of an old wooden bat cracking against a softball. The ball flew over the large pine tree in the back of Kyle's front yard. I hit a grand slam. My team cheered, and Kyle rushed over and gave me a hug. That was the first time I felt something different. It was like a knot in my stomach building up. It's hard to describe, but it was a feeling I've never had before. Kyle must've felt the same way also, because he immediately pulled away. He gave me a quick glance and then looked away, like he was embarrassed of what he just did. 

The other boys obviously noticed this changed because right after they yelled, "KYLE AND ALEX SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" 

"Shut up," Kyle and I yelled at them at the same time. 

It was awkward after that day. It took a while to figure out what happened, but then the pieces of the puzzle started to fit. I couldn't wait to see him everyday. Every time I saw him, I was speechless. It was like I saw a whole new Kyle. I kept my feelings to myself though, because I was afraid of my friends would think if they knew. If any of my friends found out that I liked my best friend, they'd freak out. They know me too well. I've never liked a guy before and I wasn't about to start then. I chose to keep my feelings to myself, which in the end, turned out to be terribly problematic. 

The rest of the school year passed by normally. Kyle seemed to forget about what happened that day, but I couldn't. We ended the school year as one of our best yet anyways. We both knew that we would be seeing each other over the summer so we wouldn't be missing each other too much. He didn't know this, but I would miss him so much more when we were apart. That summer, I was going to gone when he was home and he was going to be gone when I was home. After saying our goodbyes and when we were walking separate ways, each with our group of friends, I felt a sense of separation and need, even though I knew I would see him again really soon. It was a strange feeling, one that I hoped would never happen. The type that you only see in movies, when the damsel in distress sees the guy of her dreams and she falls head over heels for him. There was no way that I was feeling that then, I refused to think of it as that. It's just a stomachache, I thought. There was very little doubt that it actually was.

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