Chapter 1

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Hi, my names Maia Evens. I'm 14 years old and live in a small town outside of Indianapolis, but I didn't always. One month ago I moved here from a small town in Barcelona that I absolutely loved. Before I was born my parents already have lived there for 4 years. It's a long story of how they met but a common one. High school, junior year, he was on the football team and she was one of the many cheerleaders cheering on the Indianapolis high lions. After the winning game, the coach brought the whole team and cheer squad out for pizza. He sat next to her and told her she was beautiful and that he's liked her ever since he was assigned to sit next to her in English. Well they dated for the rest of  school and in graduation he proposed. She said yes. Every single dinner party I have to hear this story. Enough of that. You're probably wondering why we moved from beautiful, romantic, magical Barcelona to a boring 15,000 sized town outside of Indianapolis with only two grade schools and one high school. I've been asking myself the same question for 2 weeks now. It's August 23 and my first day of high school is in two weeks. I've been dreading it all summer break. Maia, come down it's dinner called mom. Coming one sec I yelled from my room. I closed my laptop and ran down the stairs to the delicious smells of my moms fresh garlic bread coming directly from the oven to pair with our lasagna. Oh what's on the menu tonight Karen asks dad while leaving the study. Well Andrew, we are having the food you picked up after work mom said in a unpleasant tone. Okay well let's eat then. We all sat down while our dog Sadie searched the floors for any bits of fallen food then she plopped down next to mom since she usually falls for her puppy dog eyes and gives her something. Mom I say. Do I have to go to Balim high. They gave me confused looks. I don't see why you would have any other choices dad says concerned. Yeah honey what other options do you have?  Well I tell them, I have been doing some research... I say as dad cuts me off as he does constantly. You kids these days. When I was your age I had no electronic do dads like you do. For entertainment we had to go outside and... I then cut him off and continued. As I was saying, I was looking and saw lots of online schools I would be glad to join and... there I was, cut off once again. No you are going to a real school he told me. Yeah I agree with your father on this one dear. Who know Hun, you could meet your soul mate there, like us mom tells me. Oh no here it comes again. It was 1989. Junior year. The last game of the season... dad tells me. I know how it goes I say as I wanted to cut to the chase. Fine I guess I'll just go to a real school I stated as I roll my eyes. Once I was finished my supper, I loaded my dishes into the dishwasher and began to head upstairs as my mom told me to feed Sadie. As I grabbed her food and poured it into a bowl as she sat like she was ready to pounce onto a squirrel, I spotted something on the far counter. I walked over to he paper as Sadie followed. What's this I call out to my dad as he's sitting on the couch. What's what he says as he walks over to me. Oh these are some jobs your mothers considering doing. I read through the list and see three different jobs with dates next to them. I'm assuming these are the days of the interviews. But they all looked like jobs mom would dread doing. House cleaner, security guard at the local museum, truck driver. These are all horrible jobs I thought to myself. Dad why does mom have truck driver on the list, she should do something she loves like journalism or a children's story writer, or a chef she loves cooking. Dad looked into my gray eyes and puts his hand on my warm brown hair which with no doubt I inherited from him. That's your mothers business not mine. You can go ask her if you really feel the need. Now go feed her he says as he motions to Sadie as she sits waiting by her water dish. After I poured in the food and she pounced into it almost spilling her water, I grab the job paper and head downstairs. Mom seems to be watching her favourite cooking show as I ask her why she would even consider these jobs. Trust me I don't want to do any of those but that's all there is here... I cut her off and in an instance and I ask, then why'd we move. Mom then looks speechless. Life was great in our old town you and dad had decent paying jobs and we had a really nice house I guess. I had lots of friends and. Maia just stop. We didn't want to move either but we just couldn't afford living in Barcelona anymore. She sounded sad and embarrassed at the same time. Mom I'm sorry I had no idea. I'll go upstairs now I said as I walked up and heard a faint goodnight. When I reached the main floor, I sat and pet Sadie for a bit and watched the news with my dad while on and off texting with my friend from my old neighbourhood Laura. We talked about how much we missed each other and that we'd always be friends, but I could already feel us drifting apart. I then said good night to my dad, brushed my teeth and put on pyjamas. After I got in bed, I watched some videos in my laptop and later fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, it was already half past eleven and when I got downstairs I scrapped together some eggs and toast. Then mom walked in. Good morning, today we're going to the mall and I'm going to buy you some new clothes. I felt excited but then remembered Laura and how we used to shop together. She'd help me pick cute clothes to impress the guy I liked, Miguel. He had dark brown hair and eyes. He always had a soccer ball with him and would always kick it around. I liked him ever since the third grade but knew he'd never like me back. Anyways shopping with my mom and not Laura will feel weird. I do know this new life won't be at all like Barcelona but I'll make the best of it.

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