Today's just another day at the strip club I work at. Seductive Nights. I don't even know why I signed up for this, But I guess I needed that $$$.

Guys, I'm not a hoe or anything. I just dance infront of people sexually, but I'll never use physical contact. I dance for women and men. Totally bisexual.

I only signed up 3 weeks ago and in that time, I've been running around looking for a sexy outfit. This is my job.

This strip club is run by the man whose the boss of Playboy. Don't get me wrong. I thought

Holy shit. His gonna hook me up with some fine ass stripper.

But I guess I have to be an expert to hook with some of the most hottest strippers in the industry. I'm only 22. I'm still young and I still have a whole life ahead of me.

My mum knows I do this for my job. And so does my dad. Of course, when I told her about this situation she was angry as hell. But she can't really complain because she was a prostitute at the age of 16. She found out that she was pregnant and then boom. I was born. And for my dad, he used to run a porn business. I think thats how he met my mum, through porn.

But back to what really matters. Seductive Nights is highkey the best job I've ever done. Getting loose while your dancing and you see the enjoyment on peoples faces. Throwing money on the stage, collecting it and keeping it for yourselves? My dream job. And to top it off, I still get paid 10k a day. So all together I get like thousands, even millions altogether. It's a really good feeling I can't get off my chest.

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