Chapter 1

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"I'm so proud of you, Max" I heard my step-mom squeal from the room downstairs. My brother, Max, had come home from basketball practice and told my dad and step-mom that he scored the most, and they were genuinely proud of him. I knew that everything he said was bullshit. I was the one who took him to practice, watched all of it and brought him home, and I saw how badly he played. I wasn't going to say anything to them though, because they would just think that I was trying to make him look bad, and I just wasn't in the mood for that.

I was the invisible kid. No one noticed me, and no one cared about what I did, as long as I finished doing what they told me to do. I was like a nanny to my brother and a cleaner for my dad and step-mom. It was almost the same in my mom's house, except for my mom was abusive and my mom's partner hated my guts. I always figured that it was my own fault because, like my dad always said, "if it seems like everyone apart from you is wrong, you're probably the wrong one". I got used to it, but I was still a bit jealous of what my brother had...


"I don't want to look after her! She's your daughter so she should stay with you!" my mom screamed at my dad. Today both of them decided that they were getting a divorce and now they were arguing about who I should stay with. Neither wanted me.

I was sat on the couch, watching my parents shout at each other, trying to persuade one another to keep me, like I was just a possession. I was only six, but I already understood that that was how they saw me. I was a burden, something they had to look after until they could kick me out.

My face was wet from my tears, but I kept quiet. If I made a sound, they would turn their anger on me, and that would have been much, much worse. My mom couldn't control herself when she was angry, and she could very well hit me.

"She's your daughter as well, Lika!" my dad shouted back. This was getting very heated and I was so, so scared.

I got off the couch and tried to make my way over to the door as quietly as possible. I could go to the neighbor, Mrs. Jones, for a while, I thought that she would understand what was happening. But, my vision was blurred because of my tears, and I tripped over a wire that was on the floor.

My parents heard the noise and rushed over. No, not to help me up, but to shout at me. "What the hell are you doing, you little piece of shit?" my mom pulled me up by my hair, and I couldn't keep the shout of pain in.

"This is why I don't want you to stay with me, you always mess everything up and get in the way" she screamed at me. I burst out crying. My dad made my mom let go of my hair and stroked my head. "I'm sorry, Onyx, mom didn't mean that" he said to me. I sobbed. My dad was much calmer than my mom and always showed me more affection. That's not saying that he loved me, but he didn't abuse me like my mom did. It was much easier with him, and I wished that he would decide to let me stay with him.

"I hate you, Onyx." My mom spat out and went outside to smoke a cigarette. My dad hugged me. "It's okay, she didn't mean that" he repeated, but I knew that she did.


The flashback hit me like a ton of bricks and I sighed. In the end, my parents had decided that I would live with my mom during school time and stay with my dad during holidays.

Now, I was spending Christmas with my dad and his new family. It was shocking how much he loved them, his new wife (the woman he had cheated on my mom with) and his eight-year-old son. Hell yeah I envied my brother for having a loving family.

"Onyx, come down here" I heard my step-mom call me. I sighed again and flipped my laptop closed. I had been talking to a friend online and felt kind of bad for just leaving but it was either that or having the Wrath of Anna upon me.

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