° ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEON ❤ ° ( Leon X Reader Oneshot Special )

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It's Leon's birthday! Happy belated birthday to this adorable jerk!

Anyway here's the oneshot, enjoy!~ 💞


Today was Leon's birthday.

Holy shit.

My mom let me stay home from school just this once, so I could surprise my Leon when he gets home. I told him to come over after school.

I decided to bake him a cake, duh it was his birthday. But mom mom went all out, setting up the dining room table in a fancy red and gold cloth. She set out chips, dips, candies in small bowls, sodas, etc..

I however was busy decorating his cake. Carefully icing it with Leon's favorite, butter cream icing. Being the great artist I am [ sarcasm ] I finished Leon's cake with the words, "Happy Birthday Leon! ❤"

I smiled at my work, then checked in with my mom and the dining room.

It looked amazing.

"Holy crap, mom! You went all out!" I said, my jaw slightly dropped. This was so unlike of her.

"Well, I feel like Leon is a great kid, and you love him so much. Whatever makes you happy, love." She smiled. "But don't fall for anyone's shit no matter who they are. And don't take advantage of this either!" She added.

I giggled. Mom was always like this. Sweet then Strict. "I know mom. Thank you!" I said with a grin. She nodded and continued to prepare, as I walked upstairs.

"Time to get Leon's gift ready." I said to myself and walked into my room. Right when I walked in my room I immediately got a buzz from Leon. I smiled widely.


Hey, Y/N!

Hey, Birthday Boy! How's school?

Boring. Why aren't you here?

Oh, reasons. Hey, dont forget to
come to my house right after school,


Bye! I love you! ❤

Love you too, see you soon!


I set my phone down, smiling at the conversation. Now was the time to focus on my gift for him.

~ Timeskip ~

I was brushing my hair, and in the middle of doing so, there was knocking at the door.

"Leon's here!" I gasped in the mirror, racing down the stairs to find my mom already greeting Leon.

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