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POV Adeline

"Good morning,everyone! "I said smiling once i reached the dining room where Laura ,Lucas and Mrs Annie were sitting.

"Well,well someone is in high spirits today!"Laura commented smirking at me while spreading some butter on her rusk.

Blushing slightly I took a seat and poured some fresh juice in a glass.

Truth to be told,since that night I played the piano for Damon our bond has become stronger and I believe he feels that,too.

Every night since then,he is waiting for me to play in his parents' room
at midnight when everybody has fallen asleep.

"Good morning"a deep husky voice that sounds like melody to my ears interrupted my thoughts.


Locking eyes with him ,our gazes were dancing within the intensity ,that was formed between us, making me lick my lips slightly.

I saw him following my movement with his gaze making his eyes turn a deep smoky gray.

With his messy pitch black hair from sleeping and stormy gray eyes my gaze trailed down his body admiring every feature he possessed.

Even when he wakes up is still so handsome.

Taking a seat on the biggest chair of the table ,while having the composure of an emperor, he started eating silently landing some glances at me every now and then.


Time flew fast with me sitting on my bed with nothing to do.

Sighing I stoop up and stretched a bit my body.Deciding to go for a walk in the big house like a mansion because I didn't have anything else to do I made my way to the door opening it.

Stepping out I closed it behind me and started walking down the long corridor admiring once again the architecture of the building which was a mix of both modern and old fashion type.

Well I have to admit this house is bigger than any other I have seen..even the one back to my pack.

The thought of my old pack made memories flood my mind and a longing feeling to make its way to heart.

I wonder what they are doing right now?Do they miss me?

Pushing the nostalgic feeling aside
In order not to ruin my mood I kept wandering in the big house.

Suddenly,a big two-doors door caught my eye making me wonder why there is such door inside this house.

Should I open it?What if it is something personal?

With hesitation I approached the big door and touched the gold handles.

Turning them surprisingly they were unlocked making my curiosity increase even more than it already was.

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