Chapter 2

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Jade's POV
"Really? Her? We have much better young adults than her." Ms.Clarke questioned. Gerard looked me up and down and nodded. He ran his hand through his red shoulder length hair.
"I want her. She'll fit in perfectly." He demanded.
"Fine. Jade go start packing your things." Ms.Clarke sighed. A huge smile spread across my face as I practically ran towards the metal stairs to my room.
I burst into my room and grabbed the suitcase that sat in the corner of my room. I put it on the floor and unzipped it. I looked around the room. I didn't know where to start. I've spent 8 years in this room. 1 year alone in this room since my best friend and roommate committed suicide. I haven't had a friend since.
I took all my clothes out my wardrobe and put them next to my suitcase. It was only three other tshirts, another pair of jeans, a hoodie and a pair of vans as well as my underwear. I grabbed my sketchbook and pencils off my bed before putting them on top of my pile of stuff. I emptied out my jewellery drawer and put them next to my pile of clothes. I sat down next to my case and began folding up my clothes to go into my case. I quickly packed my case and got my guitar and skateboard out of my wardrobe. Then I remembered my little black box filled with my blades that hid underneath my bed. I pulled it out and hid the little box  in my vans. I zipped up my case. A little knock came on my door before it was pushed open. I looked up and saw Gerard standing there.
"Do you need any help?" Gerard asked. I nodded and he took my case. I picked up my skateboard and guitar case before following Gerard out through the lobby and out to a black car. He opened the trunk and put my case inside. I quickly put my other things on top of it before getting in the passenger seat. Gerard got in the drivers seat and revved the car. He pulled out of the adoption centre drive way before heading off into the distance.
Gerard pulled into the driveway of three floor grey house with a beautifully kept garden.
"I'm gonna tell you now that the others can be overwhelming Jade. I'll introduce you to them then someone will show you your room. Okay?" Gerard said once he parked the car.
"That sounds okay." I answered quietly.
"Your very quiet aren't you? It's okay none of us are gonna hurt you." He said calmly.
"I'm just trying not to fangirl Gerard. I know you wouldn't hurt me." I replied with a smile. He smiled back and we both got out the car. I grabbed my guitar and skateboard and hesitantly began walking towards the house with Gerard rolling the suitcase behind me. Once I reached the door, Gerard hurried in front of me and led me inside.
My jaw dropped at the beautiful open plan ground floor. I didn't even notice Ray, Mikey and Frank sitting on the sofa waiting for us.
"Are you gonna stand there catching flies? What's your name doll?" Frank had to say before I clicked out of it. Oh my god, Frank called me doll!
"I'm Jade." I answered.
"Judging by your shirt I guess you know who we are so we don't need to introduce ourselves." Ray said with a smile.
"Lyn-Z has taken Bandit out until you've settled in." Gerard said. I nodded.
"Gee do you want me to show her to her room?" Frank offered. Gerard sighed.
"No I'll do it Frank. I'm her dad after all." Gerard replied.
"I'll take you now if you want." Gerard said. I nodded and smiled. I followed Gerard up the stairs but not before I smiled back at Frank. He smiled back and I scurried off to catch up with Gerard.
I followed him up two flights of stairs to the top floor. He opened the door of the room right at the end of the hall. I followed him inside to a plain white room with a bed with a purple and black comforter. Gerard pulled my case up onto the bed. He turned around and looked at me.
"You like it?" He asked hesitantly.
"It's great. Thank you Gerard." I smiled. I put my guitar and skateboard on the bed. He picked up a iPhone box off the side.
"This is for you. It's got all our numbers in it. I'll buy you case but I didn't now what you would like." Gerard said quickly. He gave me the box with a smile.
"You don't need to do this for me." I said politely.
"I want too. I'm your Dad. I'm allowed to spoil you." Gerard replied.
"Adopting me was enough but thank you." I said.
"I'll leave you to put your stuff away. Come down when you've finished so we can get to know you." Gerard said. I nodded and he left the room, closing the door behind him. I unzipped my case and took out all my clothes as well as my sketchbook, pencils and jewellery. Once they were out I slide the case underneath the bed. I opened the walk in closet and grabbed a few hangers for my clothes. I put them down before taking my black box out of my shoe and picking up my sketchbook and pencils. I walked to the side of my bed and opened the bottom drawer for one of my bedside table. I hid my box at the back of the drawer before putting my sketchbook and pencils in there. I heard the door open so I quickly closed the drawer. I stood up and turned around expecting it to be Gerard. I jumped when I saw Frank standing in the doorway.
"You scared me!" I half shouted.
"I didn't mean too. I promise. I came to help you put your stuff away." Frank replied. Thank god I put my sketchbook and my blades away before he found them.
"I only have these things to put away." I said with a grateful smile. He looked at the pile of stuff on my bed. He glanced over it all until his eyes rested on the guitar case.
"You play?" He asked. He picked up my black lacy thong and raised his eyebrow before picking up the rest of my underwear and putting it into a drawer.
"I'm not very good at it." I answered.
"You look like the sort of person who would be." Frank said with a smile as he started putting clothes on hangers.
"I'm better at skateboarding but I'm still crap at that too." I replied with a smile. I picked up the guitar case and propped it up in the corner by my desk.
"I doubt that too. When Ray clocks that you play he'll make you play but I won't doll. Not if you don't want too." Frank said. I smiled and looked at my feet.
"Your smile is pretty." Frank complimented.
"Thank you but you're not the first person to have told me that before." I said with smile as I looked back at him.
"You dimples are so deep." Frank said in awe. He went into my closet and hung up the clothes on hangers. I followed him and put my skateboard underneath my clothes. We left my closet and he started hanging my jewellery over the mirror.
"Is Gerard strict?" I asked as I hung a necklace on the hooks.
"Not particularly. He's stricter than me and Mikey but he's still pretty relaxed." Frank answered. I nodded.
"What about Ray then?" I asked.
"He's like an overprotective parent at times but he's chill." Frank answered as he hung up the last bit of jewellery.
"Is that everything?" Frank asked. I nodded.
"I'll give you a tour whilst we're on the way down. I don't want you to get lost." Frank said sweetly.
"I wanna put my hoodie on first though." I demanded. Frank smiled and nodded. I went back into my closet, closing the door behind me and grabbed my hoodie. I took off my jacket and looked the scars on my arm. I don't want them to find out about this. They'll take me back to the centre.
I hung my jacket up and pulled on my hoodie before appearing in my room to a waiting Frank. He took my hand, practically dragging me out my room.

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