Chapter 17

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"I think the baby really wants to get out" Camila laughed as she lay on the bed as Lauren woke up the morning after.

"Why? Whats up?"

"I don't know, I must have been asleep but my stomach is reply hurting, he must have been kicking me all night"

"Poor baby" Lauren sympathised with her girlfriend, "hey baby, be nice to mommy, okay?" she spoke to the bump on show as Camila laughed, "Oh... And its a she".

"Whatever, now help me get up?" Camila asked Lauren as Lauren did as asked.

"I bet you cant wait till you can easily get up all by yourself"

"Yeah, I hate it when you're away from me because I can't get up and I feel bad asking others to help me up" Camila answered as Lauren helped her get dressed.

"So what are we doing today then babe, just a chill day, or?" Lauren asked changing subject.

"I don't know, what are you doing?"

"I need to see Jai, he said he needs an urgent talk with me. Then after that I'll probably get Poppy from Kiana's place and spend the rest of the day at home, you can come with me if you want?"

"I think I'll just stay, I mean as much as I'd love to be by your side, I cannot be bothered with walking and stuff. I'll call Rosie and check if her and Rose can come over... If that's okay with you?"

"Of course its okay with me Camz, its your house too remember"

"I know" Camila laughed as she smiled as she took in the appearance of her girlfriend, "you look so good today baby".

"As do you my princess, stunning to be exact"

"Shut up" Camila blushed as she looked down towards the floor to avoid Lauren seeing her blush.

"My girl needs to know just how wonderful she looks, and is"

"You're so cheesy today" Camila commented as she faked a look of disgust.

Lauren playfully rolled her eyes before saying that she was leaving to meet Jai and that she'd be back soon, reminding Camila to call her if Camila felt something weird or urgent was happening in relation to the pregnancy.

Camila wondered through the house as her phone dialed, waiting for the opposite end to answer.

"Hey Rosie? Yeah I'm good... No, no baby yet. I was wondering if you both would like to come over? That's great, well Laurens gone for now, she'll be back soon though! Yeah me too, I can't wait for you both to properly get to know her like I do. Half an hour? That's great! Ill see you then, bye" Camila spoke into the phone once she was connected with Rosie.

Meanwhile Lauren had just sat down with Jai. Lauren could sense something was the matter with him, normally he'd be smiling non stop and making jokes.

"Jai. What's up?" she questioned the Australian.

"Nothing, why?" he quickly answered looking around at a very quick pace.

"You're shifty as fuck at the moment, tell me what's on your mind weirdo"

Jai took a deep breath before looking at Lauren and sighing.

"I'm going back to Australia, my brothers, Daniel and I... We have a movie opportunity and I can't say no to them, and I'm sorry that it leaves us in a horrible position seeing as we are in a business together, but I'm sorry but, I cannot do this now" Jai sighed.

"How long are you going to Australia for?"

"Quite a while, but even after that I'll be working with the group so its not really something that I can pursue part time whilst also working with you. I'm sorry, do you have any more questions?" Jai asked trying to let Lauren ask whatever she wants so that maybe she can understand him.

"Ally? Why haven't you been answering her?"

"I love her... This news will fucking kill her, chances are I'll be away from her for over a year, I'll be lucky if I can even visit her. I actually need to meet up with her soon to be honest"

"Oh" Lauren spoke, not really sure where this was going.

"Lauren, once I meet up with Ally... She'll be upset afterwards, I'd assume so. Please be there for her, and insult the shit out of me if it makes her happy"

"Jai, I don't get it, what are yo-"

"I'm going to break up with her. I want her to fall in love with someone else, someone that can be there for her whenever she wants. I'm sorry I've messed up our business plans Lauren, but I'm more sorry for upsetting your friend" Jai spoke as his eyes became teary.

"Jai, I'll miss you. You best believe I'll be seeing your movie" Lauren spoke, trying to make some happiness in the sad situation they were put in.

"I'll be buying all of the clothes you design Lauren. Fuck, even if there just for girls, I'll still buy them and support this shit out of you"

"Friends?" Lauren asked.

"I was going to say more like brother and sister to be honest, I mean, you've helped me with so much"

"You've helped me too Jai"

"Look, I would love to say goodbye to Camila, but... I cant. Id just hate myself for leaving you both and knowing that I wont be able to see you for a long time and by that time you both will have a freaking kid"

"The nugget will definitely see her uncle Jai though?" Lauren asked unsure.

"If mamma Lauren and mamma Camila allow it then yes, also if aunt Ally is okay with it too"

"I'll miss you, you shit head"

"Ill miss you too, but I really should go meet up with Ally" Jai spoke as Lauren nodded, he gave Lauren a hug and just before he was about to leave he swung around to Lauren and said, "my brother, Luke, his ex girlfriend is kinda crazy gooey eyes for Ally. She doesn't now that I know, but I think Kiana and Ally would be great together, but yeah...goodbye Lauren"

"See ya around Jai"

"See ya around Lauren" Jai spoke as he left the building and went into his car. He sat reflecting on how lucky he was to have met Lauren, and Ally and the other girls that he had met through Lauren. He dreaded telling Ally the news, but it had to be done.

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