"Socialization is good for you Petey" Clover says.

"You know I'm not one for socializing Clove." Peter responds, trying to steal the textbook back from his cousin's tight grip.

"Well if you ever want to ask Liz out, talking is the best way to do it" Clover says.

Peter's eyes go wide. His cousin knew about his less than subtle crush on her best friend, Liz Allan. Now Liz is much like Clover in many ways, pretty, social, athletic and sweet. Liz was also sharp as a tac and a real flirt without meaning to. With Liz's flirty tendencies it's hard to know who she likes, if she likes anyone at all. Clover, Peter and Liz have been in school together since the first grade when Liz moved to Queens. Peter's had a crush on her since third grade, but has never said more than two sentences at a time to her. Why is this? Simply because Peter Parker is the most socially awkward person you could meet. He stutters around everyone, except his family.

"You know?" Peter whispers.

Clover rolls her eyes, "For a genius, you're not much of a genius"

Peter connects his palm with his forehead, utterly embarrassed that his crush on Liz is so obvious. With him being so obvious, he worries that Liz might even know. Clover simply hugs her cousin around his shoulders and giggles in his ear, telling him how adorable he is. Peter playfully pushes her away as the two get up from the train as it rolls to a stop at their station. Exiting the train station and walking onto the street, the sun beats down from above and an autumn breeze blows past them. School has just begun, not even a month has past and the wind tells you that winter is just around the corner. Clover and Peter pull their jackets tighter around their bodies as they walk the six blocks to Midtown High.

Walking up to the front of the school, four yellow buses line the driveway. As the pair walk past the buses and up the steps to the front doors a voice from behind them calls out to Clover. Both turn their heads to see Liz Allan waltzing up to them, her dark chocolate hair shines in the sun and her caramel skin looks as smooth as a polished gem. Her hazel eyes glow with happiness as her pearly smile reflects her eyes.

"Hey Pete" Liz says cheerfully as she links arms with Clover.

All Peter can do is blush and glance down at his feet, "Hey Liz" he mumbles.

Clover bites back a giggle at her cousin and her friend's quite obvious attraction. Time and time again she has tried to get the two together, but Peter is as stubborn and awkward as he is intelligent. Even Liz won't budge on the matter. If she had a dollar for every time Liz Allan called Peter Parker 'boyfriend material' she'd be richer than Tony Stark. Although the two would be perfect for each other, Clover never thought that it would truly last, especially with all the guys Liz flirts with.

"Well Peter, we're off to my locker, see you on the bus" Liz says and pulls Clover into the propped opened doors of Midtown High.

"See you" Peter waves.

Clover turns back to Peter and shouts down the hall, "Don't miss the bus please!"

Peter scolds himself for being such a loser and not manning up to talk with Liz for more than ten seconds. Then he forgets about it when he thinks about Clover, always looking out for him no matter how much of a fool he makes of himself. Peter snaps out of his train of thought by a tap on his shoulder, he turns his head to face his friend Ned. Ned stands before him in a baggy red t-shirt and track pants to cover up his plump figure. Peter's friend is much like him, intelligent, nerdy and socially awkward. The two only met in their first year of high school, but with their compatible personalities, they became instant friends.

"Let's go, we have to get to Mr. Harper's class before we can get on the bus" Ned says, motioning for his friend to follow.

          Peter nods and follows behind Ned as he walks through the main entrance of Midtown High. Navigating through twists and turns, Ned and Peter arrive at a wooden door labelled 'Room 329' and slip inside as a bell signalling the beginning of the school day rings. Leaning against a science table near the back of the class, the two wait to leave as their teacher, Mr. Harper takes attendance. In a single file, the class walk out of the school and onto the buses out front.

Peter and Ned take a seat at the back of the bus, their preferred seats and wait as other classes file in. Peter spots Clover take a seat near the front and waves to his cousin. Clover responded with a flash of a smile before she sits down, right next to Liz Allan.

"Man does Clover look pretty today" Ned mumbles.

Peter shoots him a look, "Really Ned?"

Ned shrugs, "What can't a guy think a girl's pretty?"

Peter shoves his friend slightly, "Not when it's my cousin"

"Why not? It's not like you're going to do anything with her" Ned says.

"Gross" Peter says, rolls his eyes and turns his attention to the window as the bus pulls away from the front.

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