Mullac's POV

So to Gona (with NO H) it is! Bah, I am so freaking bored! This plane ride is taking forever. What am I supposed to do? 'Mullac stop talking to yourself" 'You are so weird.' Anyways I'm going to stop talking to myself now.

I should be planning what I'm going to do once I get there. How I'm going to go about doing this. I've been on the plane for 3 hours and all I've done is flirt with the girl behind me. I did get her number but I feel like there is someone I should be dating.. Well so what if I have multiple girlfriends?! Anyways so now I have to make a plan before the next 2 hours is up. Yea I know what you are thinking, A 5 hour plane ride?!? I know its horrible. I did luckily get moved beside the chick who sat behind me because the two people on either side of me were really fat. It was disgusting. Have they never heard of a flat stomach? Or cutting back? Or working out? Like ew! There fat was like touching me. I swore I was going to barf but now I'm by the hot chick. Her name is Luci. I think.. Oh who cares.

The plane is an ugly white colour, its seats are a boring grey colour and the attendants are of the dull sort. I did hit up the one attendant so she would move me. I got her number to but she was like the dullest of them all. Everything on this plane is so horrible. Their food tastes like crap. Their alcohol is worse and I am so goddamn bored. Since I'm flying WestJet if I want to do anything on the tiny stupid screen in front of me I have to pay an extra $10.00. Isn't that ridiculous? Its horrible I won't pay a cent for some stupid moving made by a less then 5 star producer. It lets you see the movie titles and all that jazz but you can't watch anything without buying it and no way am I wasting $10.00 just for some electronics time. $10.00 for 5 hours of electronic time? No thank you! Anyways  so I have two numbers and still no plan even though I've now been flying for 4 freaking hours!! Seriously, I need a plan. Something solid that will work.

"YES!!!" Oops I just screamed that out loud.

People started looking at me and turning in there seats. Even pausing their movie's to see what is happening. People were peering from behind seats if they are behind me and looking over their head rests if they are in front of me.

"So I just found out I have 30 photos of me signed and ready to go. Who wants one? Look I'll pose the picture for you.." I said while getting out of my seat and doing my signature move with my amazing smile.

"I know you all recognize me from the magazine, Dai Fabuloso. Right? Anyways.. Attendant?" I called as an attendant came out from behind the curtain.

"Yes sir?" She asked.

She being the one who I got to get me a new seat. I was right in my judgement before of her being the dullest of all. She had straw hair that was an ugly yellow-brown colour. She was about 5'5, yea I know tiny. Also her clothes were just horrid. I mean seriously, so freaking ugly! I would know because I am a guy and I am the best guy in the world and know exactly what a girl should wear.

"Please hand these out, as a parting gift from me, to all the people on this plane. How many people are there?"

"Umm.. 67 passengers not including you and there is 2 pilots and 4 attendants including me. So uh.."

"That would be 74 including me, 73 not including me." That was harsh. I made her sound stupid. Oh well she'll do what I tell her.

"Uh, yea I was doing it in my head. Anyways so yea 73 and you only have 30.. So?"

"Just hand them out to all the girls. Kai? Good!"

She turned around and walked away as I sat down. She had better give those out. And I mean, who wouldn't want them? I mean I am so hot that everyone will want one even the straightest straight guy. I know everyone fan-girl's over me... Even the guys but they will never admit it. I am hotter then god, smarter then Einstein, more powerful then Zeus the Greek god. I am at the top of the world and everyone is going to worship at my feet. Eilatan will be my  personal slave and Akoba will be sent out with the dogs. He's filthy just like them.

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