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I turn around to the voice.

"Absolutely not," she stands up, pointing her finger at me. "It's not happening. No way."

"But, Ms-" I begin.

"Don't 'but, Ms' me, Dean," she shakes her head in disapproval. "We're all staying right here until it's safe enough to leave - whether you like it or not."

"We can't ju-"

"Yes, we can."

"My sis-"

"Dean, enough!" she snaps. "That man," she points to the speakers, "clearly said to wait until help arrives and that's exactly what we're going to do. Understand?"

First of all, the announcement was made hours before - it's getting dark, fast. Secondly, I need to get my damn sister before she becomes a bloody meal. And thirdly, waiting until help arrives makes us 'sitting ducks' to those creatures!

"Ms Mills, I get it," I start in a sensible tone, "we're your responsibility but Sam just died! My sister is probably next! And if that's not enough, know that they're evacuating our families right as we speak. They're not coming for us!"

"Don't be so dramatic," Carmen inputs. "The-the military is gonna rescue us! Duh!"

"No, Carmen, they are not. How stupid can you be? Have you heard at least one gunshot in the past hour? Huh? Or the hour before that? And even before that one? No! Because they left us!"

"That's it, zip it, Dean!" Ms Mills words between gritted teeth. "Everyone's already frightened enough the way they are! I don't need you making matters worse!"

"No, really, Ms Mills," I stubbornly proceed. "It's too risky for the military to intervene. It'd just cause a bigger mess. Nothing like this has ever happened before."

Ms Mills stares at me like she's about to tear me to shreds.

"M-maybe he's right, Ms," Jace quickly steps in, and we all face him. "I mean," he clears his throat, standing up, "think about it. If they were coming to save us, don't you think they would probably be here by now?"

"What if they're being held back?" Ella suggests.

"Could be, but I doubt it," Jace answers like he personally knows what's going on. "My guess is that they're having everyone moved out so that this place is ready..." his confident voice trails off.

"Ready for what exactly?" Ella frowns.

"...Ready for the nukes," Brayson finishes off, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Gasps erupt. Students one by one begin expressing their panic to the person next to them.

But that is the only solution, isn't it? I mean, they'd rather annihilate the place than risk more people getting infected because that would, in fact, cause a global outbreak. It's either a school of a few hundredths or the world. I know which decision I'd make...

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