Tomorrow is both Ace and my birthday. Tomorrow is also the winter formal. Yes a bit weird to have the winter formal after Christmas break. But our school is weird like that.

It had been two weeks since Ellie came. That's the baby's name. Eloise Gabriela (after my mother) Nikks. At first it was tough with the baby around. She would cry a lot since she missed her mother but when I would come home and carry her, her crying would stop. We took Ellie to the doctor and apparently she hasn't been registered and is actually a months old. We don't know her birthday or anything so her birthday will be the day I adopt her.

She is very healthy and apparently very smart baby. She could do stuff that babies who are two month old could do. Her eyes are a very dark green not like ours but the doctor said that her eyes may turn lighter since baby's eyes change when they are little.

On occasions Maggie comes with me to ballet rehearsal so Ellie could come also. Mrs. Prevot first looked at me with a bit of disappointment when I first came with her but then I explained to her my situation and also loves Ellie very much. Even Victoria has a soft spot for Ellie but covers it up when I'm looking

Jett has been a very helpful boyfriend. He comes over since he knows that I can't got out because of Ellie. He always brings Ellie a little gift like a rattle or a blanket. Sometimes he brings the group over and they play with her. Ellie is such a happy person who gives love to everyone who she is near which is why the gang likes to come over.

"Hiya baby girl. How's my little ballerina" I cooed at Ellie as I came from school.

Ellie was dress in a red long sleeve fluffy dress and a headband on her head making her look like a rose. She gave me one of her toothless smiles as I took her in my arms.

"She was delightful as always. I think she finally is warming up to me." Said Maggie who looked really happy.

"Hey Rosy look at what I made for Ellie." said Joey running through the doors holding a play-dough flower.

"It's beautiful Joey. Go put it on my nightstand next to her bed." I told him. Since I didn't want Ellie to be sleeping far from me I keep her in my room until her room is ready and she is at least 6 months old.

"Dad said that we are going for ice cream mom." he told Maggie.

"What did you call me?" Asked Maggie shocked and with tears in her eyes.

I saw Joey's cheeks tint with pink and say, "Umm...well...Mom. Is that ok?"

"Oh honey yes call me mom all you want. Please do." said Maggie hugging him tightly while crying.

I kissed Ellie on her pink cheek and told, "You can always call me mom too." She just gave me a heart warming smile as if she understood what I said.

I took Ellie into my room as I changed into my black leotard and warmers. I braided my hair then put it into a high bun. Then I put the ballet shoes Jett bought for Ellie on her cute little feet. I got my pointe shoes and Ellie's baby bag as I headed to my black BMW.

Yes my BMW! I got it as an early birthday gift from my dad since he said that I need to be able to get my self to places because I now have a kid.

"Let's go my little ballerina." I cooed at her as I buckled her in.

When I got there I was greeted with a kiss that left me dizzy. I looked to Jett as I saw him smile at me with so much joy.

What's going on?

"Hi princess where's little princess?" asked Jett.

"Take out the stroller from the back please. Eloise is sleeping." I told him as I started to unbuckle Ellie.

I put her in her purple stroller and covered the front with the flower blanket and walked towards the studio.

"So what is Mrs. Prevot mad that I'm late?" I asked Jett.

"No she's mad because Ellie hasn't arrived I think she has a gift for her." answered Jett.

And he was right. As soon as I walked it in I was ambushed by the ballerinas and even Mrs.Prevot herself. I shush them all but it was to late when I heard a crying.

"Everyone go warm up. I'll take care of Eloise. When your warm-up is over practice your choreography. I want to see it perfect today." and with that Mrs. Prevot left with a now calm Ellie.

I put on my pointe shoes and started stretching when I felt hands on my waist keeping me steady.

"Will you help me stretch my left leg?" I asked Jett as we helped each other out.

After a while I was on the air being lifted by my waist and twirled around. Jett slowly put me down as he leaned forward and gave me the last kiss of the dance. I heard clapping and whistles as we pulled apart.

"That was beautiful. Good job everyone. Now remember dress and light rehearsal is next Thursday and Friday. Have wonderful weekend and dance." said Mrs. Prevot and dismissed us.

When I went for Ellie she was sleeping in her stroller and had two gifts on the basket.

"For your birthday and hers." said Mrs. Prevot and walked out the studio.

I got in my car when and sat next to Ellie. Anxiously I opened my present and it was a pair of white bejeweled pointe shoes that I wanted. They were beautiful and went perfectly with my Aurora dresses. I opened Ellie's present and it was a costume exactly like my last one for Sleeping Beauty. How beautiful. With my happy baby I went home.


"Happy Birthday." yelled my friends and family waking me up along with Ellie.

I went over to the crying baby and took her out of her crib and then smiled at my family and friends, and...

"Thank you all but who is this. "I asked signaling to a man in a suit.

"Your birthday present." said my dad.

"You got me guy? Dad you know I have a boyfriend." I told him.

"Hello Ms. Nikks. I'm aware you want to adopt the child in you arms." said the guy.

That's when I understood and nodded eagerly. My father must have pulled some big strings to have this done so quickly and easily.

"Well the paper work is done I just need your signature." he said handing me a paper.

I signed it eagerly and in return he gave me the certificate that said Eloise Gabriela Nikks. I  read the certificate and on her the paper it said that today is her birthday and I'm her mother.

I smile widely as I looked down at my daughter.


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