What Do We Know So Far? Part 61

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4th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

We were all sitting around the dining table with a few of the others lounging around in the family room which adjoined us and we were all sitting there recapping the information we have so far that is helping us to find the truth from all those years ago.

" All Right. What have we learnt so far from the diaries?" Micah was saying as Jill sat on his lap at the dining table enjoying a coffee.

" She has other diaries hidden in another place. Diaries that preceded the divorce which she indicated by dating these new ones from the day that Rupert married Agnes." Jill went on to say in her strong american twang accent. 

" She said that she made her last entry in them the night before Rupert and Agnes's ceremony." Jullianne went on to add.

" The place she hid them was in a small hidden room in the attic. Did she say they were sunny diaries? I can't quite remember." Jill went on to say with a frown on her face.

" Yes. She did. She said something about them being hidden among the looms." Joy added to that bit of information as she sat down the end of the table with her husband, John. 

" She was a Chesterfield which was one of the power house family names at the time. Florence came from a very well to do lord or some kind who came from England." I said to them which had them looking up at me with a surprised look on the faces.

" And just how did you know that, Sarah?" Jullianne asked me in a bit of a snit. I guess she was in the snit since she didn't find out that little bit of information herself to share.

" I have my ways. Plus I sent off some emails to the historical society and received word back just before coming down for breakfast. I'll share the rest as we go along." I said to them all as they just stared at me without saying a word yet. 

" It helps when I say that I am Dr Sarah West Joifield doing research and they are very helpful." I added with a smirk. I do occasionally use my name to get what I want. Especially my new name which is still heard of in Albuquerque and it's surrounds. 

" Agnes and Florence had been classed as friends before all this happened. So that is also some bit of information that should not be overlooked. Given the time frame, girls would have had chaperones to watch over them everywhere they went. So that too could be something to look into." I also mentioned when no one thought of it.

" I hadn't thought of that thought. You're right. But finding out who the chaperones where might take some looking and researching." Jill went on to say as she turned on Micah's lap to face us fully. 

We could all see Micah's arm curl around her back to hold his wife steady. Plus we all noticed that he copped a good feel as he did so as well, which brought a bit of a blush to Jill's face.

" Her mother was a half cast. What do we know about her?" Was something I had been thinking of as well when Joy mentioned it. 

" What about those servants who had been dismissed from duties because of what Agnes had caused. The trouble that is. Could one or more of them helped Agnes or her father when Florence had the second baby, Thomas Avery?" Reid went on to ask which was something I hadn't really thought of either.

" Disgruntled fired servants would be someone to look into, wouldn't they?" I asked him with a smile. He reached over and gently held my hand in his own for a while after that, occasionally giving my hand a squeeze when I said something important to think about.

" What about getting DNA samples done on the baby that died. The supposedly still born. Florence did mention that there wasn't any way to be sure if it was her son in those days, but she did say that the future might have. So why don't we do that?" Donnie was mentioning as she leaned back against the bench at the side of the room with her arms crossed as she too looked on with interest with the information that was coming to life about the Joifield family. 

" Does the marital home still exist where Rupert and Florence lived back then in America?" Joy went on to ask, which had Jullianne writing down in the notepad she had on the table in front of her.

" And what about the Chesterfield house? Was that the marital home she mentioned they were living in and if so, was that the place where she hid her diaries?" Jaxon butted in to ask.

" What about The Bartons? What were they like? Did the doctor really die since Florence said he supposedly did. How can we prove that he did? But how did Emmaline, or Victoria come to be the daughter of your grandfather, Daniel? She had to be adopted." Jill asked Daniel before turning to John.

" Do you still have anything Victoria's parents laying about anywhere?" Reid went on to ask John who had a thoughtful look on his face. 

" I think I do actually. There was a couple of boxes that dad always coveted and wouldn't let us look in to. When Dad eventually died, I just packed all those things away in the roof of the garage. I think they might still be there. When we go home, I'll get one of the boys up there and get them down." John went on to say as he sat up a little straighter on his seat, looking a little excited at going through the new information he might have at his place back in Orange.

" Was Agnes pregnant? I don't think it was mentioned in the reading last night." Jullianne was asking as she wrote something down on her note pad.

" I suppose it's a mute point since she was crippled in the accident. But what i found interesting was that Florence said that she found those other ledgers in Agnes room. Has anyone had a look at those yet?" Reid went on to ask but everyone shook their heads at that question. 

" Grant Jenkins. He was Rupert's man of means. His property manager so to speak. What happened to him. he had ledgers Florence said in her diary." Joy mentioned.

" Then we search for him too then, don't we." Reid went on to say as Donnie plonked another cuppa down in from of us. 

Young Donnie had been the one who was making the cuppa's for us all the whole morning. She is such a nice girl.

" What about that Coyte family? Should we investigate that family too after being discharged like they were?" Jack asked, speaking up for the first time this morning. 

" I read the copies Barb made, thank you very much." He said when we all looked at him wondering how he would of known about them since he and Jen had gone to bed after the first reading. But he answered that question for us. 

" What happened to Alice?" I asked wondering what happened to the young house maid who disclosed the truth about Agnes's pregnancy.

" I don't know. I suppose I would like to know how she got on after that. She sounds like a decent chick?" Adam, Jill's eldest said which had us wondering about the frightened girl as well. 

" Hell, we should all go back and check out all this information out for ourselves. It makes sense doesn't it?" Jaxon went on to say which had a few of the local family members nod at.

" We all know we have room for quite a few more guests, but it's first in first bedded." Jill was saying before realising what it was she actually had just said.

" I meant that those who get there first will have a bed. Others will be on the floor." She said with a red face as everyone laughed at her. 

All right. let's get back to this mornings chat. We also know the day that Rupert and Florence arrived in Sydney. We just about know what their movements were after arriving. Why not have someone check into those details. I'm sure there would be a pathway of information that went right up to their deaths. Bobby was a teenager by then and went on being raised by his aunt Ida. Damn.. Can someone look into the accident that killed Rupert and Agnes again. Something sounds off about it for some reason." Joy went on to say which sort of surprised us.

" Why, What are you thinking?" I asked her when I saw the thoughtful look on her face.

" So many accidents in the family. Too many to be a coincidence don't you think?" She went on to say which even surprised me. But she was right. 

There was too many accidents where the Joifield name was concerned. Some of us were just looking around at each other and wondered why?

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