Chapter 2

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Earlier Today

Four guards surrounded Soleanna on their way to the tall front door. Deep inside her stomach she had this twisted feeling that something seems off. Just a while ago, she was granted freedom from a person who practically held her captive her entire life and all the villagers were acting nice to her. Like a few minutes ago, a young lady gave her some free apples from her stand. But Soleanna didn't trust the woman's kindness therefore she told one of the guards to test it out. They thought the same way Soleanna thought; the apple might be poisoned somehow. But to their convenience the apple was fresh and juicy. Soleanna thanked the young woman for the gift and left to explore more for this place that she never seen.

"This village is amazing! They have awesome stores where you can buy stuff at! And the clothing stores are just fabulous! I just wish that I could buy them." Soleanna said while admiring a beautiful long lavender dress with pretty purple sandals that matches the outfit. But the only problem is that she wishes that she could buy the dress for herself.

"Soleanna-sama, I had forgot to mention that Mephiles had gave me his credit card for you to spend whatever you want whenever you want for today." Bowed one of the guards on their knees as he held out the golden card to her face which she gladly snatched out of his hands," I'll be taking that." Without the guards knowing it, she ran inside the store eager to buy the dress that was eyeing her through the window display. She lifted up the cover that draped over the small entrance. And through her entrance, a young woman, about in her late twenties, stared at the little princess from the register. She had notice that the young maiden was gawking at that beautiful dress that her grandmother had made from scratch. But her grandmother was greatly ill after she had made that dress for her granddaughter. The young woman didn't want her family to put it into display but they keep rambling on and on about it will cost a fortune for them to be rich since they're already hitting poverty. But no matter what, she didn't care that the dress will make them rich; she wanted to keep it in memory of her sick grandmother. Deep in thought, Soleanna calls for the woman awaking her from her trance.

"Hey miss, I need your help on getting that dress." Soleanna requested. The brown haired woman gave her a quizzical look.

"Dress? What dress?" She asked. Soleanna turns around and pints towards the window that held the dress in it.

"If you mind, I would love that dress." W-what? No! She won't have my dress that my sick grandmother made me!

"Oh that! Well, I'm very sorry ma'am but that dress wasn't meant to be on sale. But you could try out any other dresses available on the market. Soleanna lost hope inside of herself. The hope of her wanting that dress to wear. She had never worn anything nice like that and plus, it was the only dress she liked.

"But I'll pay how much you want for them!"

"I'm sorry, like I said they're not for sale." The woman repeated.

"Then why are they on the display? It's like putting a bag of gold on the street saying it's real even though it's fake!" Soleanna said raising her voice a little from normal.

"Excuse me ma'am are you getting loud?" The woman said even louder than Soleanna.

"I guess I am!" Soleanna yelled in the woman's face. With a twitch on her right eye, she got closer to Soleanna face to face over the counter.

"Marisa! What are you doing to Soleanna-sama?" Another voice called out of nowhere. This is Soleanna? Well I don't care, she won't have my dress! Before the woman, who is known as Marisa, could respond Soleanna spoke instead.

"This woman keeps saying that the dress on the window is not for sale! All I want to know is why did she put a price on it and displayed it to the public! I even offered her any amount of money she wants for it and-"

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