Chapter One

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You woke up lazily, thankful that it was Saturday. You didn't feel like going to school. Well, you almost never felt like going to school.

You got up and wondered what to wear. You finally decide to wear a tank top with a jacket over it, some jeans, and some Nikes so people won't pull that "What are thooose" crap.

You were walking outside when you accidentally bumped into a thing. Shucks on you for not paying attention.

Since it was an inanimate object, you didn't say sorry. You just rubbed your knee.

Except it wasn't an inanimate object.

It was


You quickly looked up at him and said, "I'm sorry, Ziggy, I should watch where I'm going!"

"It's okay, I shouldn't stand in one place either."

You both said goodbye and went off in different directions. You had to go to Stingy's place.


"I have something to tell you." Stingy said, looking away from you while he said it.
"What is it?" You said, looking at his body. Omg he's so hot it makes you wet (I'm sorry)
"I have something to tell you. Meet me at my place tomorrow." He said, finally looking at your eyes.
"I will, Stingy." You smiled and went to the buses. One of them got into a horrible accident but who cares certainly not us

End of Flashback

You arrived at Stingy's place, ready to answer the doorbell when something stopped you.

Your conscience.

"What will happen if I go in here?" You said.

But you didn't listen to your conscience. You opened the door anyway.

Soon you'd come to regret this.

but not now because we're barely in the story wait until like Chapter 2 that's probably where you're gonna regret your sins

"Hello," Stingy said with a smile (can puppets smile tho) and hugged you. This made you blush in surprise. You just wanted that sexy body of his. (i'M SORRY)

"So, what did you want to ask me?" You said.
"I love you." He said, stroking your hair.
This made you blush even more.
"I-I love you too." You said, and after that you and Stingy kissed with tongue because why not even though puppets don't have tongues someone tell me why I'm doing this my mom raised me to succeed and be an intellectual human being but instead I'm writing this crap what would my mom say she certainly would disown meee

anyways new chapter will be out in a bit

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