• Chapter 35 - Safe

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Third Person's POV

as the two pulled away from each other, calum grabbed the back of Luke's neck before slamming their lips back again.

As Luke breath through his nose, he growled against Calum's lips as he smelled Calum's scent. 'You smell so good, God I won't be able to help myself.' Luke said and Calum can feel his cheeks heat up.

'Do what you need to do please.' Calum said as shyly wrapped his arms around the back of Luke's neck. Luke growled as he left open mouthed kisses on Calum's jawline. Calum tilted his head up, giving Luke more access to his neck.

Luke bit a little of Calum's skin, taking it between his lips and sucking on it. Luke littered Calum's neck with all his marks, showing his territory.

Luke unzipped Calum's jacket and slid it off of Calum. Calum whimpers, feeling another batch of slick dripping down on the back of his thighs, Luke growled as he took off his jean jacket and shirt, making Calum look away while blushing furiously.

'Do you want me to take this off or should I leave it on?' Luke asked as he tugged the hem of Calum's shirt. 'Please keep it on. I-I, I'm a little conscious about, m-my body and I-' calum was cut off by Luke who pressed a soft kiss on Calum's lips.

'We'll keep it on.'

Calum blushed once more. Luke grabbed Calum's hand, kissing each knuckle. 'The next few things that we will do, will be, uncomfortable. I-I, we can't do anything about it though.' Luke said and Calum nodded.

Luke untied the knot of Calum's sweatpants, pulling it down, before completely taking it off, seeing a wet patch on the back of it. Luke growled at Calum's scent once more before pressing open mouthed kisses on Calum's thighs, kissing the caramel colored skin through his boxers.

Luke smiled up at Calum before tugging at the boxers. As Luke pulled Calum's boxers down, Calum's member sprang up and hit his stomach. Calum's eyes widened as he grabbed a pillow and covered his face. 'This is so embarrassing.' Calum said, his voice muffled.

'Its not, no.' Luke said.

Luke kissed Calum's inner thighs, spreading his legs open. The blond boy grabbed Calum's member before stroking it, Luke also blushed seeing it leak with precum.

Luke thought twice before shrugging, well, its part of it. He took Calum's member into his mouth. Calum gasps and his thighs quivered.

Luke bobbed his head up and down, hallowing his cheeks. Luke can hear Calum moan, small hands grabbing his hair.

He looked up and saw Calum peaking at him, calum obviously blushed and buried his face into the pillow.

Luke continued what he was doing, this time more comfortable and less awkward. Calum is letting out loud moans and grunts into the pillow. Luke felt Calum's member twitched into his mouth and he pulled it out of his mouth, Calum's member immediately spurting thick ropes of cüm into Luke's hand.

'I'm sorry.' Calum mumbled and Luke looked up seeing Calum on the verge of tears because of embarrassment. 'Hey, its okay. Its normal for an omega.' Calum said before taking Calum's hand and kissing it.

'I'll continue okay?'

Calum nodded before gasping as Luke grabbed the back of his thighs and pushed it towards his chest, filly exposing himself to Luke.

Luke groaned and started lapping at the slick covered rim. Calum moaned loudly, not even bothering to cover his face anymore. He can't feel anything but pure pleasure, opposite of what he felt on his second heat.

Luke is sucking a very large hickey on Calum's left globe, not knowing why he can't feel any awkwardness or uncomfortableness, same goes with Calum.

Luke licked the dripping slick, pushing his tongue inside Calum's hole, Calum screaming out Luke's name. Luke growled with his lips pressed against Calum's rim, feeling his knot grow.

Omegas on heat have stages and when an omega goes into a third stage, they tend to open up that three fingers can go in inside of them without any resistance that is why it was no surprise to Luke when his finger went in without struggle.

Calum is panting hard, he is gripping the sheets underneath and his legs feels like they're spreading wider by themselves.

Luke pushed in a second finger, scissoring Calum open. Calum gripped Luke's hair, pulling him deeper into himself.

Luke is soon stretching Calum open with three fingers, loving how his name roll out of Calum's mouth, his hair is being tugged closer so he can lick more of Calum while Calum is crying out profanities of pleasure.

Luke pulled out his fingers, making Calum whine. He undoes his belt and took off his jeans, revealing the hard outline of his diçk, and his knot. Luke pulled his boxers down, Calum instantly covering his eyes with the pillow.

'I didn't bring any lube today, don't worry I already prepped you and it wouldn't hurt so much.' Luke said and Calum peaked down, seeing Luke's raging member. He let out a shaky moan.

Luke spit on his hand and spread it all over his length. He raised Calum's legs to his chest and positioned his diçk on Calum's rim.

'Here I go.' Luke said and pushed in. His eyes widened as he fell down, but used his hands as a leverage. 'Fucking hell you're tight.'

Calum gripped Luke's arms, feeling a lot of relief. Luke waited for a minute before setting down on the back of his legs and putting Calum's legs over his shoulder. 'Sorry Cal, can't hold my self anymore.' Luke said before ramming inside Calum fast. 'Goddamn Luke, if that is what you mean by "can't hold myself anymore" then its pathetic.' Calum said and luke scoffed before ramming inside Calum fast and hard.

Calum screamed out Luke's name as Luke pound his ass, hard and fast, deep as well.

'Good! That's it Luke!' Calum said as Luke angled his thrust and hit his prostate. 'Fuck yeah!' Luke moaned as he rammed inside Calum. He grabbed the pillow covering Calum's face because it is useless. 'Look at me Calum. Or so god help me I will pull out.'

'You can't do that.'

'I can and I will.' Luke said before starting to slow his thrust and pull out. 'No! Please.' Calum said before directing his eyes over Luke.

Luke started pounding him again and this time, rougher, just the way Calum likes it. 'Good god! L-Luke, I can feel it! Your knot!' Calum said and Luke grunts before keeping Calum still.

'Here it goes, fuck!' Luke moaned and came, spurting cüm on Calum's insides. 'Don't move.' Luke said and panted before pushing more and moaning loudly. His knot popped and Calum can feel everything inside, Luke is overflowing and Luke is filling him up to the brim with his knot.

Once Luke is done, he pulled out and fell on top of Calum. 'You're safe now.'

'Thank you.'


'Are you sure you're okay? Why do you have to be sick when we are already leaving.' Ashton sighed, rubbing Calum's back. Calum sighed before feeling another batch of vomit reached his gut and he grabbed onto the toilet as he puked all of the food he ate.

'I'm okay.' Calum said after he brushed his teeth. 'Do you know what's happening into you?'

'No. But I'm sure its just stomach flu.' Calum lied.

Cause he definitely knows what is happening to him.


Last update. Maybe I'll update once I get home from school tomorrow *sighs* my dog is sick.

~ Anne

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