13 | No one saves you

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'J-Jaydin, what are you doing here outside the classroom', I choke back tears as I stand up.

'What are you doing inside the English classroom with Sir?', he eyes me.
Who knows what he'll do to me next time.

'N-nothing', my voice is all shaky and before I break down, I run to the locker rooms where no one is there.

I sit on the ground and put my head between my knees. Jaydin follows and sits with me.

'You know I saw the whole thing', he says casually and pulls out a cigarette.

'Why didn't you do anything', I angrily sob.

'You know Lo. No. one. saves. you.', he says coldly.

Angry and annoyed I slam my fists against the lockers.

'What is the matter with you', I clench my teeth and push him.

If he saw Mr Windsow pushing me against the wall with his dirty hands over me, he could have at least done something.

But those words made me wonder.

In the end no one is there for you, even your closest friends. No one saves you. Either you save yourself or just give up. But I don't give up easily.

'Look Lola, I'm sorry but that's just life', he softly says. What is going on with him. He is so different and weird compared to others.

'I'm sorry, I wish I could just get away you know, from everything', I say and the bell rings for second period.

'See you in, English', he bluntly says and leaves just like that, leaving me speechless.

I just sit in the lockers for a good ten minutes until the principal comes my way.

'Lola get to class now please', she sternly says.

My heart races and I panic as I have no choice and follow her to the classroom. I open the door and see everyone eyeing me, including Mr Windsor.

I look back at the principal, she gives me a look and so I quickly walk over to the back tables but there all taken. I see Jaydin, sitting with his mates, looking at my eyes. Studying my every move. I hyperventilate as there aren't any seats left.

'There's a seat here', the teacher looks at me and pulls out the chair right in front of the class, with his desk right next to me.

'That will be your seat for the whole year now', he smiles evilly. I clench my teeth and slump in the chair, covering my face with my hair. I am so close to crying with frustration.

I am furious. Why is he even here! He doesn't know shit about English and he acts like everything is normal after today.

'So, what do you think about the book so far. Is it similar to Romeo and Juliet?', the evil teacher asks the class with a fake smile on.

I can't even look at anyone.

'I think that the girl in the book is just so weak and naive, I mean Ella expects him to do something but she is so selfish', a voice at the back of the class says.

I could feel his eyes burning a hole into my heart and his cold words stabbing me.

I slam my head against my desk in frustration.

Everyone looks at me. Ari and Valerie look concerned and I feel a pair of eyes staring into me. Slowly turning my head around I see Jaydin looking at me amused. He nods his head side to side and gives me a wink.

I pull my hair forward and sink into my seat, ashamed. I wish this class would hurry up.

'Okay class remember to read pages 20-31 for Monday', he says as the bell rings.

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