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Areum's POV

"Got you"

I heard him say as he smirked creepily. My face was really red but fear can be seen on it. Before I could pull back I felt two hands in my shoulder as it pulled me but Jungkook's grasp tightened around my waist.

"Jungkook, look kid stop this, you'll kill her"

I looked back at Jimin as he pulled me but Jungkook forcefully held my chin to face him. I sneakily feld Jimin's arm as Jungkook crashed his lips on mine.

Jimin's POV

I felt Areum's hand as she tugged my arm Taehyung on my side was boiling in anger as he pulled Areum once more which caused their lips to part.

Don't fucking tell me that this dude will also loose his sanity.

"Taehyung-ah hold it in"

I said as I looked at him but he kept pulling Areum while his eyes slowly changes.


I called again but he kept on pulling, I also noticed that the longer Jungkook hugs Areum the harder Taehyung pulls.

Jungkook in the other hand was staring at Areum intensely while holding her chin. Fuck every ones scary hear.

"Areum watch me"

I heard Taehyung said as he smirked and suddenly pulled Areum's head and kissed her again. Yep this dude has lost it. But Fucker, everyone here is a bastard, if I reach my limits I may become one of them.

You can literally make everyone crazy Areum.

Third Person's POV

Areum was in the state of tearing up when she felt that every one in that place is slowly becoming different.

Taehyung was still kissing her as the boy slowly blocks her airway. Jimin was slowly tightening his grip as he looks down. Jungkook was hugging her tightly as she was surprised as he suddenly kissed her neck.

Areum suddenly gathered all her force as he pulled off from Taehyung and push Jungkook off, she also removed Jimin's grip who is now smirking, but the way he does that seemed unfamiliar.


Areum shouted as she wiped the tears that were about to fall. The three boys in the other hand smirked as they went near the defenseless girl. Areum stumbled backwards as she saw the three coming closer.

She felt her hand in front of her as she covered her face.

"Stop it please! Wake up!"

She said again as her sobs worsened.

"No talking, just playing"

Jimin replied while his smirk widened. Suddenly he ran towards Areum, and the girl on the other hand ran away from him as part of her defense.

Areum ran in to the glass pavements and held her face to avoid crying, but before she can place a step, a pair of arms suddenly lifted her through her waist which caused her whimpers to louden.

"Stop it!"

She said as she tried to break off but Jimin's grip tightened as she was sprung around.

"I almost forgot how your lips taste, care to give me a free taste?"

He said as he pulled the helpless girl in his chest.


The girl responded as her voice shook, but the boy couldn't hear a thing and kissed her. It was really full of lust to the point that Jimin was biting her lower lips which in reply the girl cried even more.

They was in the middle of kissing when Jungkook, smirked and pulled Areum again. And pulled her close to his face to the point that they were inches apart.

Areum cried harder which caused her breath to hitch.

Without any warning Jungkook kissed her but pulled back again as he stared at the girl. She on the other hand pushed Jungkook off, fearing that he might kiS's her again.

"You look really scared angel, why? Haven't saw a devil lingering around the heavens of yours?"

He said as he held Areum's lower lip and looked at it while smirking.

"Its a pity that I won't be contented with that"

The boy was about to crash his lips again but the girl was pulled ones again as she faced another devil.

"T-Taehyung, please!"

She pleaded as she held the boy's arm and tried to remove it but it was no use.

"Don't cry Princess, for some reasons it turns me on"

That statement made Areum's eyes shook, she immediately wiped the tears in her eyes but it only appears that a new set is coming.

Without any sentences, Taehyung kissed her eyes as it suddenly went to her lips.

Areum just can't help but to cry as she can't do anything else.

Areum's POV

My head slowly lightens as the kiss lasted, fuck no air can come as I was crying so badly and this bastards were always selfish.

Little by little my head spun around as I can't focus my eyes, I felt a hand in my shoulder as I was pulled from Taehyung, I was expecting to feel a new pair of lips but instead I felt nothing.

I just knew that a hand was supporting me as my knees loosen and my eyes dropped. I stil know that I'm slightly standing but I can't feel hear or see anything.

It was just minutes earlier when all of them were sweet but they somehow turned bitter.

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