Is it too late now to say sorry

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A/N hiya there so I'm sorry I hadn't updated part 2 of Its My Birthday, it's just I have been a little busy and just so lazy I don't wanna write. I'm so fucking sorry I love y'all so much and thank you so much for reading my book even though my writing skills suck I'm sure some of you appreciate it. I know I don't add a lot of details but I'm sure y'all don't mind, especially when I don't even use G-eazy's grammar a lot like you know doin' or like ain't but you can enjoy the rest of it and just ignore the fact I'm not using the right grammar and the fact that just wrote a long ass sentence and wrote a really long authors note so I'll just shut the fuck up and write this one shot.

"G! Get your ass down here!" I yelled from the basement. Our house was haunted, but mainly the basement was haunted, and something just fell of the damn washing machine that was off." Gerald I swear to fucking God if you don't come down here I'll kill you."

"I'm here I'm here! What the fuck do you want?" "Where the hell have you been?! Something just fell off the washing machine and you didn't even hear it? It sounded really loud to me!"

"Look I'm sorry can I make it up to you?" "No! Our house is haunted and all you do is just sit there watching basketball upstairs leavin me down here?! The hell's wrong with you? Is today Sunday cause I think you need Jesus right now."

"Today is Wednesday I have to leave tomorrow for another tour." "Oh my lord Gerald don't leave me again, please?" "Baby I have to go fans have been waiting for months to see me." "I can't stand to not see you for a day. How long are you going to be gone?"

"Few months babe, but I promise I'll come and visit you at least once every month." "How bout every day?" "Best I could do is once every three weeks." I pouted," Can I come with you?" He sighed," look I can't have you come with me. You'll distract me."

"Wait...what? I'll distract you? Wow ok I guess I'll just let you go then." "No baby I don't wanna leave until tomorrow." "Well I guess if I DISTRACT you, just go." "No I'm not leaving you."

"Why?! Why would you say that then, huh?! Wanna remember how we met? We met on your very first tour, I got VIP tickets for me and my friend, ya know Aaliyah. We were waiting in line, it was my turn to meet you, and I tripped while walking to you. You caught me, and we looked into each other's eyes, it was like the whole world stopped. It was love at first sight."

"Wow you actually remember every single moment?" "Yes!! You forget about that whole night didn't you?" Gerald ran a hand through his dark hair sighing. I stormed upstairs and grabbed my shit." Baby it's not that big of a fucking deal, aight?"

I glared at him," First you leave me downstairs in the haunted basement then you called me annoying then you don't even remember the first time we met?!" "It's not even a big deal."

"Stop saying that shit! It is a big deal so just shut up!" "Is it too late now to say sorry?" "Yes fuck off!" I ran out of the house, it wasn't just the things he did in the last half hour, it was the whole year.

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