Chapter NineTeen >.<

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The following quote may help express how this chapter may make you feel for chelle.

“Who is this chick that you think is so bad? Trying to steal you away, but I aint havin that! I’mma put my foot down to show you that..




Rochelle woke up in Alex’s bed later that evening. He was no longer there though. Rochelle sat up pushing her bed hair around into a ponytail before getting up. Rochelle opened his bed room door peering out, to see Alex and another really cute guy that she hadn’t met yet sitting down and talking while drinking beer. Rochelle slipped from out of his room toying with the heart shaped locket around her neck he’d sent her as an apology

Rochelle tried to sneak to her room, but they both turned. Rochelle felt incredibly awkward standing in nothing but boy shorts and small tank top in front of another guy. “Wow, I’m sorry.” The guy turned around again. Alex smiled. “Sorry Chelle.” Rochelle smiled walking past Charlie’s room to hers. Charlie was completely asleep still.

Rochelle slipped into a blue jean mini skirt, a white top and white flip flops once she had showered. Rochelle came from her room again, to see Alex and the guy clinking their beers together laughing and watching the game on TV.

Rochelle walked up behind Alex covering his eyes. Alex smiled. “Uhm? Spongebob?” Rochelle smiled. “No.” Alex’s friend smiled. “Patrick?” Rochelle laughed kissing Alex’s nose uncovering his eyes. “Oh Chelle.” Alex smiled pretending to be surprised. ,”Chelle this is my best friend, Steven.” Rochelle smiled. ,”Hi Steven.” He smiled waving. Alex eyed Rochelle’s outfit. ,”You look beautiful Chelle, I made you breakfast earlier, but you were really tired so I decided to let you rest.” Rochelle nodded sitting between the two guys.

“You want to try some beer?” Alex said holding it out to her. Rochelle looked at it. “No, It’s digusting.” Alex and Steven laughed. ,”You get use to it.” Rochelle laid her head against Alex’s shoulder. Alex placed an arm around her waist. Rochelle smiled at Alex’s goose bumps when she started running her finger tips up and down his arm.

“What do you have planned for today Alex?” Alex shrugged taking another swig of beer. ,”Nothing. Just chilling with Steven.” Rochelle nodded. ,”Hey Alex, can we go to a strip club?”  Rochelle laughed when both Steven and Alex choked. ,”What? Why? No.” “I don’t know, I’ve never been to one, and why not?” Alex eyed her. ,”You really want to go to one??” Rochelle nodded. Alex sighed still looking at her.

“What?” Alex shrugged. Rochelle rolled her eyes. ,”What? Alex shrugged again. Rochelle hated when he did that. ,”Alex..” “Nothin, I’m thinking about tellin’ kat to take you to a male strip club, but I don’t know of one here. Rochelle shrugged. ,”We can go to a regular one. “Hi guys.” They all looked up as Charlie entered the room. Steven raised his eyebrows a smile working on his face.

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