will you stand by me?

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Song: Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant

A grave silence fell over the group, all of them held utter terror in their eyes. Had they just heard Clarke correctly?

"What the hell are you talking about?" Raven asked, being the first to break the silence.

"That's their offer," Clarke responded, her blue eyes wide and her breathing heavy.

"That's not an offer," Raven argued.

"It's punishment, for what happened at the village," Finn explained, his gaze vacant. At the mention of the massacre, Mira's eyes flicked to Naira, and the bandage on her bicep, which the brunette was rubbing tenderly with a frown, remembering the pain Finn had caused her.

"Blood for blood..." Naira mumbled, going unnoticed by everyone but Mira.

"That's insane," Bellamy piped up from beside Mira, his jaw tight and eyes hardened.

"And if we refuse?" Mira asked Clarke, who turned to her with a shaking jaw.

"They attack," she delivered gravely, just loud enough for surrounding citizens of Camp Jaha to overhear.

"I say we give him up!" a man behind Mira shouted. "Get rid of him!"

Mira spun around with a glare aimed at the middle-aged man, their entire group was sending irritated and offended glares at the stranger, except for Finn. The increasing crowd began to grow restless, and many people loudly voiced their agreements with the man. Major Byrne was doing her best to maintain order.

"Give him to the grounders!" another man shouted, followed by a chorus of agreements. Raven stepped forward furiously, her cold glare aimed at the man.

"Back off!" she shouted, advancing on the man with her fists clenched at her sides. Clarke and Mira noticed and hurried to step in front of the enraged brunette. Mira gripped Raven's shoulders and guided her backwards.

"Raven, listen to me," Clarke said lowly. "Nothing is going to happen to him. I promise okay?"

Raven's wide, brown eyes flickered between her two friends worried expressions before she nodded slowly. Mira released Raven from her grip. Raven's willingness to stay calm didn't last long when another man voiced his thoughts.

"I'm not dying for him! Spacewalker burned three months of oxygen from the Ark. We should have floated him a long time ago. Throw him out!"

Mira and Clarke were too slow to stop Raven storming forward this time, her fists once again clenched at her sides. She was merely a metre away from the man when Byrne stepped in, pushing Raven back and shouting. Mira rushed forward and pulled at Raven's sleeve, but she simply shrugged her off before punching Byrne in the face. Hard.

Mira was separated from Raven by a sea of guards, all rushing forward to pull Raven away from Byrne, who was really over-dramatizing Raven's punch. Raven struggled against the guard's harsh grips and shouted at them. Surrounding her small group was a crowd of angry, scared and restless citizens, all of them shouting and cursing. Mira took a tentative step away from the chaos, stiffening when she collided with a hard chest. She quickly relaxed, however, when she looked up and met Bellamy's brown eyes, which softened when they met hers, but she could clearly see the worry in them.

"What the hell are we going to do?" Mira mumbled.


Mira walked between Bellamy and Clarke, her sword bumping against her leg as it dangled from her hip. She'd also strapped a handgun into her belt, just for good measure. The cold air nipped at Mira's cheeks, though she wasn't sure that it was the cause of her uncontrollable trembling. The trio rounded the corner to see Finn and Murphy sitting on the ground, leaning against the drop ship. Finn didn't seem too thrilled by Murphy's company, then again neither did the latter. Mira frowned when she noticed the rifle resting in Murphy's hands.

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