We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.


And it starts in my toes

And I crinkle my nose

Wherever it goes

I always know

That you make me smile

Please stay for a while now

Just take your time

Wherever you go

The rain is falling on my window pane

But we are hiding in a safer place

Under covers staying safe and warm

You give me feelings that I adore

Chapter 12

 "Riki stop budging." I whined as I helped get her up the stairs to her room. She was flat out drunk and I thought that she had learned her lesson the last time, but obviously not.

We were walking up the stairs to our room after the wildest bachelorette party I've ever seen. Everyone was drunk with the exception of Janet and me because she's pregnant and because I've been put on a lease. Or well probation. My mom and dad decided that instead of locking me in my room since that proved to not solve any problems nor teach me a lesson- so they are putting me on probation instead.

Now I'm going to send Riki up to her room in hopes of getting her intoxicated butt to sleep. The last thing I needed on my plate was babysitting. Riki needed to learn how to act like an independent woman and try to get sober!

When we finally made it up the stairs, her feet dragging across the floor as I yanked her arms along. My brow was lightly beaded with sweat and I tried not to think about the good looking pitcher of pink lemonade sitting in the fridge downstairs.

"Do you see the pretty pink unicorns? I see the pretty pink unicorns! Come here little ones! Jump into the arms of your loving mother." Riki bellowed.

"Shut up Riki! Your going to wake up the whole house." I scolded.

"OUCH!" She shouted when I hit her head on a nearby end table.

I snickered, "My bad."

"You meant to do that you... mean person." She seethed.

"Oh hush up you drunken baby."

I smiled once we reached her door and then knocked on the door, just itching to get Riki out of my hair. My smile fell away when I remembered who her roommate was. Kristoff smiled at me and I gave him a small smile back although it was mostly forced.

"Is she alright?" he asked a hint of concern on his face. It was touching how worried he looked, but to be honest the guy was scary and I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave her in his more than likely "opportunist hands."

Riki let out a bit of strained laughter, her eyes looking up at Kristoff in a glazed manner as she sat still upon the ground, her limbs laying limp by her sides. "Sleep with me tonight Kristoff," she tried to whisper to him seductively- tried being the operative word.

It came out more like an eerie call beckoning the prey in for the kill. Of course Kristoff took the bait. I pushed him away before he came too close.

"Actually she's really tired, so she's going to go sleep- in her own bed." I added.

His hopeful smile fell from his face and he nodded swiftly before turning on his heel to go his bed and continue to read the book that was splayed upon the pillows.

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