My Hired Boyfriend (Completed)

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Hazel Reed, a self proclaimed loser by choice, never thought for one second that she would ever hire a boyfriend.

She had her entire life planned out. In the last year of her high school life, Hazel is eager to set out somewhere far, far away, unfortunately, her meddling family wants something else entirely. With her family pressuring her to not become a crazy cat lady, unmarried and alone, Hazel has finally had enough. Hiring a man she could never fall in love with to be her boyfriend, Hazel sculpts the perfect plan involving one messed up road trip, a wedding, and a whole lot of Lies. What she didn't expect was to end up getting targeted by the 'Blood Kings', a notorious gang, no thanks to Coda.

Coda Williams is the epitome of the word carefree. With YOLO as his life motto, Coda has no plans for his future, choosing to "float his boat where ever the wind takes him." -or whatever that means. He's handsome and everything a girl could want-except when they find out about his gang related past.So what happens when Hazel Reed, the uptight, anal class president of his highschool offers him a deal even he can't resist? Spinning into a world filled with gossiping families, hard right hooks and revenge thirsty gangs, Coda begins to question what exactly he has gotten himself into with Hazel Reed.



Teen Fiction: #22
Humor: #44
Completed: August 25, 2015

*No sequel.

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