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Piper babbled, a blush rising into her and Jason's cheeks. "Aha.. um I have nO IDEA what you're TALKING ABOUT." Piper said through closed teeth. The Stolls and Leo looked at though they were gambling as Katie shook her head. Reyna and Thalia looked puzzled while Annabeth, Percy and Will all just stared at nico.
"Oh! Sure you do piper! Unless... you want me to tell the group?" Nico purred, shocked by his own confidence. I guess the group was too, because all eyes were on Nico.
"No! Um well.. Jason and I were um..."
"Go on..." nico eyed her innocently.
"We were uh... enjoying each other's company-" nico heard the twins stifle a shout and laugh as they motioned for Leo to pay up. "-when nico shadow traveled right when Jason and I uh... finished..." Jason was down right scarlet at this point, pipers olive skin not doing well to hide the colour either.
"NO FUCKING WAY HAHAHAHA" the group heard a laugh, and were all surprised to see it from the hunter herself. "Oh.. oh my god little brother. I mean seriously, that's just.. wow.." Thalia had tears streaming down her face by now, gasping for breaths as her laughter snatched each one away.
"Ok! Piper--" Percy started, cracking up as piper giggled and put her head in her hands "--Hahaha oh man uh, your turn."
"Oh! Right." Piper cleared her voice and spoke: "Katie!! Truth or dare?"
The group seemed to have forgotten Katie was there and it seemed she liked it that way, so when her named was called she yiped and turned pink.
"Um.. truth." Her ears turned red at this and piper laughed.
"Don't worry! It's an easy one." Kate breathed a sigh of relief a bit too early because then piper finished with:
"Why don't you tell us how long you and travis here have been hooking up"
The groups jaws dropped and turned towards Katie, who's eyes were narrowed dangerously at Travis stoll.
"You told?!" Kate whispered, though loud enough for everyone to hear.
"Oh he didn't have to!" Piper giggled. "You guys are practically swooning over each there at sword practice. I had almost forgotten you were supposed to hate each other." Piper looked expectantly at Katie and she shrugged.
"Since the Battle of Manhattan." She said with a sigh, resting her head on Travis' shoulder. The group gasped,
"no way!"
"That long? "
"Why the secrets you two??"
All of he questions were expected till Connor stood and spoke up:
"GodsDAMN! Finally you two admit it. I mean seriously. Do you know how many times I saw you two sucking face when I was looking for Travis? I'm surprised you two haven't died of asphyxiation yet." At this Travis and Katie laughed, the group too, as the tension in the room fell back to zero.
"Katie it's your turn" Annabeth reminded her.
"Oh! Right. Uh..." Katie scanned the room, unsure of who to pick till her eyes landed on Piper. She was mouthing something that I guessing only Katie understood. 'Sol - enchilada??' I don't know. Katie nodded with a smiled, casting a smirk in Nicos direction.
Shit. Nico thought.
With a lopsided grin Katie looked at Will. "Will! Truth or dare."

Will POV:

It's Katie! Oh thank god.. we have been friends for years, she wouldn't be evil.. right?
"Oh! Um.. dare???" Will answered.
"Alright. William solace. I dare you----"

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