Senior year, the last year of high school but to me it would be the last year of a four year long prison stay. No, it's not because I don't like school work; actually I'm a straight A student. It's just a constant reminder of my problem.

I know this school like that back of my hand so that means I know the people. And I don't feel like being picked on and thrown in dumpster's every day.

Why, you may ask am I scared of my fellow class mates?

Well... I'm not, I'm wary of what they might do to me when they find out that I'm the big G.A.Y.

Yeah, now you know my problem.

You could say I'm ashamed of my sexuality.

My parents are the ones that tell me that I should be proud. Yeah can you believe that; I was shocked too?

Okay, okay I'm not totally ashamed, maybe I shouldn't use that word; here's a better one. I'm scared of it.

So here I am incognito, playing the straight guy in my anatomy class writing notes, being the awesome 'A student I am. The teacher was ranting on and on about medical studies and whatnot and I was trying to keep up. This class was my favorite just because the medical field was what I was going to be involved in for my career for the future. Jeanine who I call J, my all-time best friend was annoyingly tapping her pen against the desk next to me which made me want to snatch it and throw it across the room. I gave her a narrow eyed glare while she frowned at me.

I eyed the pen suggestively hoping she would get the hint raising my eyebrows at it. Apparently not, since she mouthed "what" to me.

Rolling my eyes I picked my pencil up and waved it at her.

"Oh" she mouthed and set her pen down.

"Finally" I said heaving a heavy sigh.

"Mr. Carlisle is there something you would like to share with the class?" Mr. Simons asked giving me a stern look. I shook my head and said a sheepish,

"No" Jeanine giggled at me along with the rest of the class.

Glaring at her I turned back to my notes grumpily. Why is it that I'm always the one who gets in trouble when Jeanine and I talk in class? Slowly I laid my head on my desk and ignored the rest of what Mr. Simons said basically because I knew it already.

I suddenly found myself dosing off, Mr. Simon's voice was starting to become a low mumble when a huge banging sound erupted. My head snapped up to see what was happening but all I saw was two body's bursting through the door, practically breaking it down, and tumbling to the floor. There was a collective gasp from the class with a few screams from the girls.

Everyone quickly stood from their desks to see what was happening.

And of course I was the one who would be caught up in the fight since I was the one right next to the door. They rolled too close to my desk making it tip over with me in it.

I hit the floor with a hard thump, then the pain came screaming in my wrist and head as the fight progressed next to me.

"Mr. Parker! Mr. Jacobs, stop this now!!" Mr. Simons yelled at them while I was still struggling to untangle my legs from the desk.

"Aiden!" I heard Jeanine exclaim, I never had the chance to look at her before something hard hit my stomach causing the wind to be knocked out of me and my head to hit the floor again.

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