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Ziva raised an eye brow at Gibbs as he sat at his desk, staring expectantly at her with his icy blue eyes. Jenny had followed him, and perched on McGee's desk dice the junior agent was down with Abby.

"I haven't contacted your father yet," Jenny said, "I want to hear fromyou why Mossad was running an opp on US territory?". Both Gibbs and Tony shot her a look, not willing to believe Ziva was captured on purpose.

"that was entirely unintended Jen. I was captured in Syria, we didn't know anything about them, that was the point of the opp. I don't even recall how we got to America, I was drugged the whole time."

"Your father allowed this? You were very lucky we found you!" Jenny asked, before wishing she could take it back. She saw the flash of pain in the younger womans eyes at the mention of her father.

"He requested it. We have an extraction team in plance. They were meant to come in two weeks ago, terminate the cell. I had passed them all the information by then via a radio and tracker chip. They must have exterminated the cell in Syria and lost me...". Even tony wasn't fooled by this excuse. The Mossad team had left ziva to die. "I thought that they had given you the intel, or were working a joint opp..." she tacked on in a softer voice. Just as suddenly as she revealed this vulnerable side, it was gone. Her emotionless walls were back up.

"So they've done nothing about the cell in America?" asked Gibbs, knowing jot to push her.

"No, they have no intell.. The radio was... Found. And the tracker chip...removed... Before we left for America.". The look on Tonys face almost made her laugh. If only he knew what shed been though. "Tony told me you only captured 13 men though?"

"Correct. All are waiting to be interrogated.". Gibbs said shortly.

"There are fifteen men in the cell." ziva said grimly. "Two are still at large, and probably looking for revenge."

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