The Knights Templar in Wales in 1308

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According to the sheriffs' accounts in the National Archives of the UK, Kew

This transcription is copyright (c) Helen J. Nicholson, 2013. This is a draft transcription of the records. It is free for public use, but it must not be reproduced online or in any publication, or circulated, without the copyright holder's permission. 

[Note: each line of the original record is transcribed separately. Queries and uncertain readings are in curly brackets.] 

The first transcription is from a single membrane in the Special Collections of the National Archives. The second is from the enrolled account in the Exchequer Accounts in the National Archives. Both versions of the accounts cover the same period and include virtually the same information, except that some money noted as unpaid in the first has been paid by the second account. It is likely that the first account is a draft and the enrolled account is the fair account, recorded after outstanding issues had been resolved.

Kew: The National Archives of the UK: SC6/1202/3

[Note: a translation of this account was printed by William Rees in his article 'The Templar manor of Llanmadoc', in Bulletin of Celtic Studies, 13 (1950), 144-5.]


Compotus Joh[ann]is Poutok' vic' de Kermerdyn de exit[ibus] Man[er]ij de Lanmadok' in Goer' +[iam] de boni +[iam] 

eod' man[er]ia i[n]venti q[uo]d quid' Man[er]iu[m] cu[m] bonis fuer[un]t quod est Mag[ist]ri + F[rat]rum Milicie Templi a die Mercur[ie] p[ro]x[ima] post 

festu[m] Epiph[an]ie Anno R[egni] Regis Edwardi p[ri]mo, quo die d[ic]tu[m] Man[er]iu[m] cu[m] bonis quib[us] certis decausis 

capt[i] fueru[n]t i[n] manu[m] Reg[is] usq[ue] f[estu]m s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is p[ro]x[imum] seq[ue]ns.

[in left margin] Reddit' Assis' 

Idem redd' comp[otum] de xxiijs' xj d. ob' de redd' assiso quo[rum]d[am] lib' tenent', in eod' Man[er]io ad t[erm]i[n]os Pasch[e] + s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is. 

vt p[ar]z p[er] extent' in qua [con]tinent' n[om]i[n]a eo[rum] + q[u]a[ntita]tu[m] quib[us] eo[rum] reddenet[ur] Et de x s vj d de redditu assiso house 

bondor[um] ibid[em] ad f[estu]m s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is tenent' Lxiij acr' terr[e] arab[a]lis +tam ad voluntate[m] d[omi]ni q[u]am ad voluntat[em] tenent' 

ut pz p[er] p[ar]tic[u]las. Et de xxj d de redd' assiso quan no' totar' f[estu]m s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is ut pz p[er] p[ar]tic[u]lis. 

S[u]ma x[xx]vj s ij d ob.

[In left margin] Firma 

It[em] redd' compot' de xxvj s de Lij acr' de terr' d[o]m[i]c' p[er] cons[ili]o d[omi]ni Walt[er]i {William?} de Pederton' Justic[ar]i WestWall' sicut 

{?}demiss' ad f[er]mam p[ro] id[e]m q['][er] eo q[uo]d d[ic]ta terra no[n] se extendit a medietate' uni[us] caruce terr' Et no[n] se on[er]at de 

plus hre q[uare] octo acr' amplius in extent' content[ur] seminat' [fuer]unt cu[m] f[r]umenta an[te]q[u]am man[er][iu]m p[re]d[ic]t[u]m captu[m] 

fu[er]u[n]t in manu[m] d[omi]ni Reg[is] ut p[ar]z inferius in inventar' bonor[um. Et de vijs de vij acr' prati p[er] consiliu[m] d[ic]ti 

Justic[iari] s[imiliter] ad f[er]mam dimiss' p[er] d[ic]t[u]m temp[us]. Et de vj s de q[u]ed[am] pastura ibid' similit[er] p[er] co[n]silium +t[era] dimissa 

Ad f[er]ma[m] p[er] id[e]m t[em]p[u]s. Et de xxij s vj d de f[er]ma uni molend' s[imiliter] dimiss' p[er] id[e]m temp[us]. 

Suma lxj s ij d

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